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Great news!

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10 steps Korean skincare explained!


You have most probably heard about the magical Korean 10 steps skincare routine, right?
You've seen it on the internet, in some magazines, adverts, in your local shop for sure. So what EXACTLY these 10 steps are? Do Korean ladies REALLY use 10 items everyday in their skincare routine? How long does it take them?

No worries!
I will explain ^-^

In my skincare routine for example I've got around 15 products! WOAH, sounds like a lot, I know!


it doesn't mean I use everything every single day! Some products I use only for the morning time, some of them at night time, some of them only ONCE A WEEK! but if you add everything you use in a week - it's gonna be like 10 lol.

this is my routine (just fyi! my skin is combo/oily and I'm also in my late 20s so I'm adding some anti-aging stuff too~! )


1. I start with a micellar water, I don't wash my face in the morning (if you find it gross or something then I'm sorry... not), it just doesn't work for me at all!

2. toner - to refresh and hydrate my skin, I'm using a mild toner for oily skin.

3. essence - essence is going to boost up all the good ingredients in the next steps! for the morning I prefer using a very light-weight, maybe even watery essence for oily skin. it keeps my skin hydrated, but not oily!

4. (gel) cream/(gel) moisturiser/emulsion - like I said, I'm more oily than anything else really! this is another thing in my routine that will make my skin stay hydrated! it's extremely important!

5. spf - I know, I know... you think that it's actually needless or like, come on, you want a tan, maybe you think that since you don't live in an extremely hot climate (or you're not somewhere on the beach) you don't need it or maybe your moisturiser has got some so why bother? YOU WERE SOOOOO WRONG! UV rays are extremely DANGEROUS! they don't only cause the burn, they make your skin age faster, dehydrate your skin and also cause the damage in your DNA (I'm not joking, you can check it anywhere!). not to mention they're really bad for acne and also make your skin produce more oil. I don't need to add anything about the skin cancer I guess?
For me, the spf must be 50 or 50+! I don't leave home without it, I don't want to have millions of wrinkles in a couple of years, you know~ but to be clear, the MINIMUM should be spf30+ !


1. oil cleanser - melts aaaaaall the makeup away! and I use quite a lot of makeup :D it feels so sastisfying removing it lol

2. gel/foam cleanser - removes all the leftovers of the oil cleanser, any other impurities and excess oil.

3. toner - this time I'm using something a bit stronger, preferrably with some acids (I've got one with AHA now, but for oily skin it's a bummer to be honest...). Again, it's to rebalance the ph levels of your skin, refresh and hydrate it.

4. eye cream - my under eyes are quite dark and also I started developing some crow feet around my eyes too (damn smiling lol). the skin around your eyes is the thinniest and the most delicate! you need to make sure you keep these areas hydrated! Be gentle!

5. essence - in the evening I prefer using more hydrating and nourishing essence. the night is the time when our skin rests and regenerates. atm, I'm using a very light moisturising essence with collagen.

6. serum - we use certain serums for certain skin problems, there are thousends of them available on the market! for now I'm using pore minimising one (but this one is a bummer too in my case lololol) but you could use hydrating, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-acne, brightening etc.!

7. (gel) cream/emulsion for night - I've got a really nice anti-aging gel cream for the night time! it's not sticky, doesn't feel heavy and doesn't leave my skin oily either! stick to the consistency that is the best for your skin type!

UFFF, that was a lot!

but it's not over yet :DD !


1. sheet mask! -it's definitely my fav step hahaha :"D ! you can choose from like a gazillion different designs, brands and purposes! I love them! they sooo help you feel relaxed and also can completely reset your face lol. So go get one NOW! :D

2. eye mask - these would be usually tear-shaped gel'ish like little plasters you put under your eyes, they also have different purposes, anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturising etc. Personally I love the combo of eye mask + sheet mask on one go :D

3. exfoliator - there are different types of peeling, you've got physical ones (scrubs) and chemical ones (which I think are my fav ones!). it all depends on your skin needs! peeling is a MUST! it removes all the dead skin cells, I'd recommend using it once a week.

4. sleep mask - sleep masks are usually denser, thicker and richer night creams. you don't use them daily, they might completely clog your pores! I use them twice a week usually and got two types atm: hydrating one and detoxifying one. try for yourself ^^

Okay, I think I've covered all the basics here :D I didn't put the names of the products I use on purpose ;D 'cause will need that for the future posts ahahah ^^ you can obviously change your routine and add or remove some of the products I've mentioned, however to me, they're my essentials and I'm being serious!

hope you did like this one ^^

I will see you next time!

Happy reading,

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HI ALL!!!!!!!!!

I've decided to re-activate this blog after a looong long time on it's being on hiatus lol

At the very moment my yt channel is on hiatus (sadly, lack of time...) BUT I still want to talk/write about all the amazing beauty/skincare stuff SO I will keep you updated on here (^^)v

I'm gonna try my best to writer a proper post this week and publish it on Friday so I think it would be awesome if you could just hit that "subscribe" button ;D (or whatever it's called, lol I just forgot :"D )!!!

what am I going to write about?
*makeup 💖
*and a bit of haircare ^^ 💖

<--- all the stuff I LOVE!

stay with me guys!


Tuesday, 21 July 2015


witajcie moi kochani :3
szybka notka, gdyż jakis czas temu stworzyłam swój kanał na yt ^^

dopiero się rozwija, ale jesli cokolwiek by was interesowało, to dawajcie znać w komentarzach :D filmiki lifestylowe będą raczej po polsku, jakies tutoriale po angielsku x;

do zobaczenia,
buziaki <3

Sunday, 26 April 2015


I think I'm gonna go back to blogging :3 I just need a new header~
and time, lol

I will be writing about everyday life I guess, nothing special o:

well, see ya :D ~!

Sunday, 7 September 2014



Miru desu.

I should actually call this post "I'm looking for a make up foundation that would be perfect for my fucked up hormonal acne proned skin that hates me again" but I guess it's a bit too long for a title >.>


just like I said.

I'm looking for a foundation that:

- has a perfect covering effect. I mean it. atm I'm using a green make up base and tons of green concealer.... ;-;
- very veeeeeery fair color. I'm white. seriously WHITE. most of foundations/bb creams are too dark for me orz and it's a cool color type. so I usually use something with names like "porcelain, cool ivory, light porelain" etc.
- not very expensive tho... ugh, tight budget, you know ;;____;;
- long lasting? I used to use Revlon's colorstay. if it didn't clog my pores so bad and caused more breakouts I'd definitely use it again!
- my skin is hmmm... mixed. neither oily, nor normal. something in between.

any suggestions? I mean, I have to be able to get it in UK ;-; probably I will buy it tomorrow before work. seriously....

in 2 weeks I'm going to Poland for holidays <3 then I will meet my doctor and tell him to do something with my shitty acne AGAIN. that's so evil.... it looks even worse on my super white skin, seriously...

okay, that's it!

help me pleaseeee xD


just to say. my perfect colors so far are from Revlon olor stay's Ivory (I think it was no.110?) and Missha's no.13 ~_~; so yeah, anything like that.

Sunday, 24 August 2014



Miru desu.

this is gonna be quite a long post (`・ω・´)

with lots of camwhoring too (`∀´)

I don't even know where should I start hahaha


1. my fav subject ever - HAIR (°∀°)b

let me start from that maybe?

I keep on trying to do a proper sujimori, however I always fail lol I need to learn a good technique from somewhere (。-人-。) I've seen tons of tutorials and I've been trying to copy them but mehh... luckily, I've got more hair inspi than just sujimori! I will show you them at the end of this post ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

2. love?

last week I went to the club with my friends from work. only because one of them were moving to Bristol and wanted the last "girls night out". okay, I thought there's nothing to lose anyways. I didn't REALLY feel like going tho... I don't like club music, I don't dance, I don't wear girly clothing etc. (;^ω^A
anyways, in short: I met there a guy. a really cute Chinese guy. we exchanged phone numbers and met on sunday. everything was perfect, it was the first date in my life! but... I don't know why (I seriously don't know WHY, I wish to know tho!!!!!!) it wasn't okay for me. everything was nice, he is a wonderful person, it's not like he did anything bad to me... and still I felt it's not right. with lots of guilt I had to tell him that I'm sorry, but I just can't go on another date. I really want to stay in touch with him but only as his friend tho. everybody keeps asking WHY. but I will say that again: I DON'T KNOW WHY. I don't know WHAT happened. there must be something wrong with me.
now I know one thing - it's not the boyfriend I want. I want my FRIENDS... I miss and need my friends to go out with! not on a date, just normally. I miss having a FRIEND to just go out with, to have fun with, to talk about guys or whatever, to go to jrock concerts with.
yes, one date was enough to prove me that I guess.
I think I want to stay single as long as possible (ノ゚ο゚)ノ

3. work

I need to change my job. I want to go on a transfer.... it's too hard to talk about to be honest. too annoying. I'm just tired. ヽ(`Д´)ノ

I was sick this week and I got myself this little thing as a treat orz


that's pretty much it (o^-')b
I'm gonna show you some of my latest inspi pics (* ̄Oノ ̄*)
btw, I want new piercings!!!! and new tattoo!!!! so badly o(TωT )