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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Miru desu.

I should actually call this post "I'm looking for a make up foundation that would be perfect for my fucked up hormonal acne proned skin that hates me again" but I guess it's a bit too long for a title >.>


just like I said.

I'm looking for a foundation that:

- has a perfect covering effect. I mean it. atm I'm using a green make up base and tons of green concealer.... ;-;
- very veeeeeery fair color. I'm white. seriously WHITE. most of foundations/bb creams are too dark for me orz and it's a cool color type. so I usually use something with names like "porcelain, cool ivory, light porelain" etc.
- not very expensive tho... ugh, tight budget, you know ;;____;;
- long lasting? I used to use Revlon's colorstay. if it didn't clog my pores so bad and caused more breakouts I'd definitely use it again!
- my skin is hmmm... mixed. neither oily, nor normal. something in between.

any suggestions? I mean, I have to be able to get it in UK ;-; probably I will buy it tomorrow before work. seriously....

in 2 weeks I'm going to Poland for holidays <3 then I will meet my doctor and tell him to do something with my shitty acne AGAIN. that's so evil.... it looks even worse on my super white skin, seriously...

okay, that's it!

help me pleaseeee xD


just to say. my perfect colors so far are from Revlon olor stay's Ivory (I think it was no.110?) and Missha's no.13 ~_~; so yeah, anything like that.