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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hello, hello :D !

how are you doing? (ノ^∇^)

I'm okay, just getting tired of my stupid athyroidosis and getting fatter and fatter because of that (v_v)

you know, it really DOES SUCK when you can get fat just by... breathing..?

like, excersises don't work, diet neither.... I fucking hate this x_X;

but meh... I will try again!

some dietetic products I've bought lately!

fit caps diet suplement - they help (at least that's what they promise, lol) to achieve you your dream weight and keep it lol, we will see...

dietetic tea - with yerba mate, pu erh tea and green tea if I remember well...

slim figura's errr... how to call it o_O; a really... thin pudding..? something liek that. haven't tried this strawberry one yet. but this vanilla one was AWFUL! like if you were swallowing boogers BLAH JHVDJFAS D: don't buy it!

oshee slim water - lol?

and my fav beauty magazine XD "uroda" ("beauty")


I really want to lose some weight T_T


well, I think I will NEVER AGAIN buy bb creams from skin79



I have to buy this cheap super light foundation (miss sporty) to mix it with this bb cream...

it's stilla bit visible on my face but it looks better anyways _-_'

latest cosmetic buys from HEBE

taft volume hair spray

kallos' hair shampoo for coloured and dyed hair

some eye drops

olay's toner

some peel off mask >.>

and lol, this cream/gel for pain v.v'

lately something bad is going on with my spine so I couldn't really walk >.>

and this helps me at least >_o;


another small buys from this asian food store xD

kim chi soup, super yummy sweets <3 and udon xD

this is funny, it says that it has plum's taste and on the package is peach >.>

and they actually taste like peach xD om nom nom


you know I like to smoke x:

and from some time I was wondering about this whole e-cig x:

and I think it's more economical in my case >.>

so I asked my mom to buy me that for early birthday present ^^;;;;;

mine has mint liquid <3

tastes like marlboro's frost blue (or blue frost... I always forget xDDD )

wohohooooo! love it!!!!


random make up xD

I wanted to try this dark blue eyeshadow pigment x:

does it look good? or not really? >.>


lots of pics of my baby : D

because she's a little cute devil <3 !!!!


I wanted to write something more but I'm too lazy to upload pics now ^^;;;;;;;

so I will write about it some other time XDDD

so take care!

and see you next time :3 !!!!