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Sunday, 7 July 2013

So, guess what! I'm FINALLY in London (ノ^o^)ノ

I came here on Monday but didn't really have time to post anything m(._.)m


this Tuesday I have an appointment in Jobcentre to get my insurance number (without it, I can't apply for a job x: ) ~! wish me luck!

yesterday I finally went sightseeing :DDD

Monika, her sister Iza and their mom Gosia ^^

it was fun, even tho it was really HOT @_________@ and too crowdy...

plus, I've got a really awful sunburn on my arms and chest ;---;

so I had to buy that after sun cooling gel and sun lotion with 50+SPF... for babies x:


there are sales everywhere @.@ but, since I don't have a job, I can't really spend money >.>
so the only things I got are these:

 this set from Primark (2,50GBP)
 also from Primark xD (5GBP)

 Primark's lip balm (1GBP, actually it's nothing special |: just nice packaging...)
and this from some random store (4GBP)

and a long skirt... but I need to exchange it for a different size so there's no point to show it now ~.~;


for now that would be all ^_______^ ~!
I will try to update my blog more often (if I find anything to interesting to write about of course x.x' ) x:

the transport here is reallyyyyyyyy expensive x_X 8GBP for the whole day ticket.........


find Woolwich here ;D
that's where I live now


I caught a cold x.x' it really sucks when it's hot outside and then you go to the cold shop...... and then again go out and it's hot...