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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

(sorry, too lazy to write in polish this time ^^;;;;;;; )

Hello, hello!

like I've said in my previous post, I had no internet for over a week aksvdjhvsad (x_X);;;

so I was just bored and did many things to forget about my boredom X"DDD like for example... playing heroes VI all the time.... playing some sims3, cooking.... I even started BAKING! but, you will see the pics later xD

I'm finally at home for a few days and then we will see what will happen with my internet when I go back to Warsaw (@o@);

as you know, I broke my hair straightener (;_____;)'

so I had to buy a new one (~o~);

it's not as great and oh-so-awesome like my previous one (._.)" but it's okay too.

Remington's hair stuff is really good!

btw, my hair got so damn long and just.... UGH, I need to cut it (o_O)"

maybe tomorrow lol

some small buyings.

I love cheap cosmetics which have GOOD QUALITY :D !

so for example, here are products from:

Alterra (@Rossmann)


Bielenda (polish cosmetic brand)

Hean (polish cosmetic brand)

Eva natura (polish cosmetic brand)

Perfecta (polish cosmetic brand)

Isana (@Rossmann)


me again, wtf

long hair.. TOO LONG D:

some other day we went with Usagi-san to Starbucks ヽ(^Д^)ノ


I didn't get to buy her anything cool as a birthday gift so at least I could take her to some om nom nom coffee and cake xD !

mine on the left: hot chocolate and a low fat (xD !!!!!! ) muffin

Usagi-san's on the right: toffee latte (? if I remember good o.ó) and a piece of cheesecake with strawberries :3

aaaand we went to Terranova's outlet 8D !

I love this place, we have to go there more often!

my buyings:

belt! finally a belt :D ~!

but it's from guys collection LOLOLOLOL

what to do, belts for girls often SUCKS D: and this one was the coolest from all of them xD

black skinny jeans

black mini skirt

okay, like I said I had no internet so I started cooking and baking and I wanted more and more (x.x);;;


okay, so here's my wonderful (no, it was really tasty xD no joking!) mushroom creamy soup (*-*)v


my random pic without make up (o.ó);; lol

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand CUPCAKES TIMEEEE!!

the process xDDD :

teheee (^_^) chocolate chip cupcakes :3

they were super awesome <3 !

and I've never baked anything before to be honest x:

lol, that's why I was even more happy that they went out so great!

on November 11th was polish Independence Day

(read more here and here)

with Usagi-san we went out for walk and to see everything :3

lol, and of course to eat something nice too X"DD

here's my frozen yoghurt with pineapple and kiwi's pieces :3

well, of course some people in Poland are fucking DUMB and can't respect our history....

so there were of course some fights with police *sighs*

fucking skinheads (*-*);

btw, some of them were whistling at me and winking at me (*A*);;;;; wthhhhhhhh scary

luckily, with Usagi-san we were far from the dangerous places

when we went to Subway we saw police gathering and we were wondering what's gonna happen.

but luckily there was some peaceful and anti-fascist march

that's all for now :D

hope to see you soon ;3

love, Miru

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