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Thursday, 20 June 2013
hey there ヾ(´・ω・`)
how are you doing guys?

in Poland is SOOOOO DAMN HOT D: today was like 34'C where I live >____<
too hot for me (T_T)'

I've got some random pics to share with you xP
so get ready  (⌒▽⌒)☆

1. Lublin's "Night of Culture"

sweater - offbrand
skirt - terranova
socks - cubus
shoes - offbrand
necklace - not sure x.x' H&M I guess...?

I went there with my Domi-chan  (^~^)
we just wanted to drink a bit and just have fun~!
it's like one of those nights where all the museums  and art galleries are opened for free! also, there's a lot of public performaces and installations :3

 but... of course... because there were A LOT of people.... all the pubs and bars had to rise their prices x_X
stupid mojito cost me 20PLN DDDDD: normally it's like 12-15PLN...

soooo... then we just got some beer at the local store and sit down at the park to drink it :"3

so many drunk people were everywhere... mehh...

 but we had fun anyways (^▽^)

2.blood type diet

I've gained some weight because of that stupid athyroidosis... and I really REALLY want get back to my normal weight :7

I read about that blood type diet and well, sounds really cool! my blood type is 0 and - what's interesting! - I also read that my blood type often have problems with athyroidosis so I have to eat products that make those hormones work better! sounds even more amazing!


until I saw what I can and what I can't eat....................

YES FOR: red meat and chicken meat, prawns <3 ! tuna and some other kinds of fish (I don't know their english names ^^""""" ), some vegetabled I DON'T like... just bit of fruits (mostly plums, wtf?), green tea, pu-erh tea, pinapple juice, carrot juice, feta cheese, tofu, soy milk and soy cheese, curry, honey and... mustard :D

NO FOR: almost everything else x.x' no dairy, no coke, no coffee or black tea, no to ketchup(!!!!), bread, pasta, muesli, cereal and cereals, corn, ice cream (but I guess and I HOPE sherbet ice creams are fine D: ), strawberries....


 that was my 1st day's meal......
and now I just ughhh... I don't eat almost anything and it makes me cry >.>
normally I'd fuck this "diet" but I want to get back to my weight ._. seriously...

ohh, I can't drink energy drinks either x:
but this one was soooo cool v.v'

3. random pics of me because I'm oh-so-damn-pretty xD lolz

no make up :D ! just circle lenses... they make a HUGE difference anyways @_____@
believe me, without circle lenses and my hair done... I look like a different person >.>' uglier one of course :"D

make up in progress xP

me totally "done": make up and hair.
now I look like a human :D

4. small buyings!

 white tea and raspberry (^⊆^) om nom nom!
energy drink :D
and tanning spray x: I know my body doesn't tan and I don't want to tan... but well, I also don't want any sun stains on my skin x.x' so yeah, it has SPF50 ^^v

cosmetic bag from local Chinese store  へ(゜∇、°)へ !!!! totally LOVE IT! it reminds me a bit of Ma*Rs designs >w>'
waterproof eyeliner and a ring with spikes lol

I'm a sucker for pretty packages v_v


that would be all 。◕‿◕。 ~!


as you can see my bjd-look-a-like dream didn't work v.v so sorry, no pics... it totally didn't suit me, I looked... scary and weird... x:
so yeah, my make up is still plain and boring (-A-)'