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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

some of you already know that I gave up with my hair and turned it AGAIN black... (;へ:)

here it seems REALLY nice... but actually...

no (-_-)' after 6th bleaching I gave up... seriously...

so yeah, luckily I had one package of my NORMAL hair dye (schwarzkopf's perfect mousse #300 brownish black).

.... quality of these pics kills x.x'


look at this little guy :D

such a tinyyyyyyyy snail  (★^O^★)
found him on the vase lol of course I had to take pics and then I let him go outside :333

on the May 31st was my bestie's birthday   (´ω`★)
so I decided to take her to the sushi restaurant (we love sushi om nom nom <3 )

 btw, I got it from her xD she was in Gdańsk for a week some time ago. I love it  (/^▽^)/


 SOOOOO YUMMYYYYYY (*_______________________*) !!!!!!!!!!
for the first time ever I got so full after sushi hahahah :"D
miso soup, salad, green tea and lots of different maki, uramaki, futomaki and nigiri <3
to be honest, I'm not really a fan of nigiri (°ヘ°) .... I only like this one with shrimp (^^);;;

my make up that day:

pics suck, because I took them after I came back home (-.-)"

small buyings:
monster high edp (HAHAHA, wth :"D ) .... I'm not a fan of this.. and well, I don't even atually know what is that whole monster high o.ó but I don't care xD smells nice! was very cheap xD and I copied it from Iris again xP
Dove's hair therapy, nutritive solutions, nourishing oil care. it says it's anti-frizz and stuff... we will see x: my hair gets so damn frizzy when it's raining >___<
and my fav under-eye concealer x: it's cheap and super LIGHT :D

and the last thing..
STRAWBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sadjhfavf OM NOM NOM

and the last pic because I'm pretty: