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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hiiiiii (*^▽^)/

how are you guys?

so yeah, today I will make two small reviews and one kind of... hmmm........... dunno if I should call THIS a review but... you will see anyways (‘◇’)?

1. Catrice Liquid Lip Tint (010 red my lips)

so I will start with this lip tiny :D I wanted to have one from some time but well.... so far I've only seen them in colors that just don't match me in any way 【・ヘ・?】 but then I saw this little candy at Iris' facebook :3 so I became a copycat and bought the same muahahaha ;D

one coat:

nice smell
delicate color
price (around 16-17PLN)

dries lips
isn't very long lasting
my lips were burning for a few minutes after applying

final thought:
I'm not sure if I'd buy THIS ONE again, but well... I want to try different tints in more pinky shades ^^
I'll give this tint 3/5

2. I also bought a new hair dye! so far I've been using shade 300 brownish black
but I wanted something slightlyyyyyy lighter....
so I bought this one! no.400 dark brown!



I don't see much difference 「(°ヘ°)


after some time I bought this hair bleach from Joanna (4-5 shades, 12% bleach) and casting's hair dye in color "iced macchiato"

according to the pakage it should be okay, right?

note: I DIDN'T BLEACH MY HAIR! I did this whole "bleaching bath" or whatever it would be called in english ~_~;

and the effect is.........

*with flash*

.... DA FUCK *-*;;;;;;;;;;;;


totally sucks...... well, I will have to fix my hair somehow. but I won't tell you what I'm gonna do ;3 it's a secret for now (^o^)v

3. Skin79 BB cleanser

hmmmmmm.... I will be honest. I always want my cosmetics to work FAST. I want to see the results FAST.
even after only once usage x:

refreshing feeling

my skin got really tense after using this... (combination skin type)
didn't really clean my face from blackheads etc. (and yes, I do DEMAND this from my cleansing foams etc. v_______v !)

final note: 2/5

4. random pics !

so it was my name-day some time ago and that's what I got from my dad :D ! sooooo coool (⌒▽⌒)☆

my baby's pic (>y<) I love posting her pics... because I can xD

and just my outfit from a few days ago x:

leather jacket: River Island

scarf: Zara

sweater: offbrand

skirt: Terranova

thights and shoes: offbrand

that's all for now!