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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hellooooo~! ~ヾ ^∇^

just like I promised - here's the update :D ! finally, lololol
but forgive me please, 'cause this week was sooooo busy for me @_@;

1. small buyings at poundland

I love pundland! I love 99p store and pound world :"D you can buy everything for just 1GBP! it's so cool! sometimes they have really nice brand cosmetics *-* !!!!

okay, this one is actually from "savers" ^^; haven't try it yet x: btw, do you as well have that stupid thing when it looks like you're running out of some cosmetic, you buy the new one and THEN it turns out you still have much of that "old" thing? _-_ same was with my eye cream... wtf.

anyways, the price was 1,25GBP

my hair is pretty thing and gets frizzy when it's windy or/and it's raining x: I don't use that much hairspray anymore :D I decided to use some other things (check out another post *(*´∀`*)☆ !!! ) and this little friend for a volume :3

I was actually scared it will make my hair greasy or something (you massage the roots with this) but no :D and only 1GBP ^^v good deal!

from time to time I have break outs.... so I thought I will buy something to let this temporary acne die xP does it work? in my opinion so-so...

Sally Hansen's nail polish :D ! I love it *-* ! it's so smooth, easy to use and lasts for a few days :D !

dermaV10 cocoa butter lotion. I always look for vitamin A in every lotion I buy. I have a really bad and dry skin on my body T_T' hopefully it will help...

2.  The Face Shop sseal syn-ake mask sheet review

 too bad I can't read Korean :"D but lol, you can search in google for a how-to-use guide and stuff xD

*monster face*

+ smell!!!! smells sooooooooooooooooo niceeeeeeee!!!!
+ made my skin really soft and dewy :D

- I'm not sure if it's because of that mask but on the next day I had lots of break outs... o_O

3. job!

I'm a proud staff of TKmaxx's family  (★^O^★) !!!!! I'm so happy about it! you can find me next to Lewisham's shopping centre at ladies' fitting rooms :D ~! for now it's only 20h per week v-v but I hope they will give me a full time soon xP it's a nice job, I like it :D what I don;t like is standing on feet all the time.... v-v oh well...

btw, my lunch box for work lolz

now somebody make me obento |: !!!

4. small buyings at primark

primark is a cheap store, you can buy everything for reasonable prices  (´∀`)

shopping bag :3 about 1,30~1,50GBP (I don't remember)
I carry my staff for work in it 'cause my purse is too small and besides it's always so heavy that I need something extra to carry all those things lol :"D

leggings, nothing special :"3
tweezers and nail files : D I love their desings  (⌒▽⌒)☆

a necklace with skull and cross

and these hair clips. it says it's a 4 pack, what a lie =-= there were two!

5. hair

they don't have my hair dye in this country T_T how comeeeeeeeeeee D: perfect mousse is so good T^T boooo....

so I had to buy a different one |:

this one was the cheapest... 3,99. I couldn't find any cheaper wtf *-*;

+/- price
- smells horrible
- color doesn't look very natural in my opinion......
- black water for like 3 hair washes.......... =-=
- hard to use. it becomes dry on hair in like a few seconds

I hope I will find something better

6. shoes

I love my shoes... but after using them for a few months I found out this v-v

TT______________________TT how did it happen?!

I had to buy a new pair....

8GBP from primark v-v

7. new flat

I had to move out because Monika's flatmate is coming back from holidays boooo... but in some time we will look for something new : DD
so, busy week! see?

'til the next post \(^ ^)/ !!!!!