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Sunday, 25 August 2013

How are you? ( ・ω・)ノ
I'm doing fine, working from monday to friday :D
I promised to make a post about my haircare routine  (⌒▽⌒)☆
as you know, a few months ago I dyed my hair 6 times in two weeks x: (it didn't work tho, lol) so I had bring my hair back to life :3

morning  ( ´∀`)

actually I don't do much in the morning >.>
I just straighten my hair and pin my too-long-fringe x:

evening  (☆^ー^☆)

contrary, I use lots of hair cosmetics at the evening :D

first of all, I of course wash my hair lol :"D
because my hair is dyed, I use products that protect the colour (btw, I don't know if it's the water, or the shitty hair dyes but my hair color is like... fading away..? how is that possible 【・ヘ・?】 )

left: Timotei Vivid Colour Shampoo 0% parabens - coloured hair, infused with camelia, 100% natural extract
smells nice (。・ω・。)ノ♡ doesn't make my hair greasy next day

right: Dove hair therapy, damage solutions, colour care conditioner - with colour revitaliser
okay, this one isn't like something super good. just a nothing-special conditioner....

after washing my hair I use (left) Loton's provit liquid cashmere on my hair line. because my hair is somehow stiff and weird there o,ó this helps a lot! you can buy it only in Poland tho :c

middle: L'oreal Paris Elvive smooth intense anti-frizz serum with argan oil
got it from my friend Monika (´∀`)♡ on my hair it does miracles *-* I was really surprised because I thought all these hair oils and serums will make my hair really awful and greasy. but this one (I don't know what about the other ones :"D ) doesn't ♥(ノ´∀`) I totally love it! makes my hair smooth and nice, I apply it mostly on the ends

right: Dove hair therapy nutritive solutions, nourishing oil care - leave-in conditioner in spray
hmmmm... it has it's pros and cons of course. pros: makes my hair really soft and nice, got three different oils (almond, coconut and argan oil), smells nice. cons: it says you can also use it on dry hair. DON'T. it will make your hair super greasy and awful D: it also says it doesn't make your hair flat.... I wouldn't say so. so spray it only on on the 3/4 of your hair length, from the end to like you ears height.

Mellor&Russel miracle styling extreme volume spray - for all hair types, creates root lift & volume on fine hsir, with argan oil
so far, nothing special. I don't see any results, maybe I don't use much enough 「(°ヘ°) ?

once a week 。◕‿◕。

left: Dove hair therapy damage solutions intense repair - 1 min conditioner with fibre actives
again, nothing special (C_C);

right: Dabur Vatika naturals, virgin olive deep conditioning hair mask - for dry, dull & lifeless hair
got it from Monika again xP actually I love it (。’▽’。)♡ !!!!!! it makes my hair sooooooooo niceeeee and soft and just perfect lol. contains olives, almonds and henna extracts. the only MINUS: you have to leave it for 15 minutes... now, when I live in a different place and I don;t have a bath tub but a shower, I can't use it (」゚ペ)」

new buys!

haven;t tried yet xP we will see :DDDD

okay, that's all about my hair routine  ヽ(^Д^)ノ I hope you've found this post at least a bit interesting/helpful

now for the pic spam (you can finish reading and close now, lol)!!!! because I'm so sureeeee you've missed my oh-so-gorgeous face *wink wink* (⌒.−)=★

btw, no false lashes ( T_______T ), no photoshop, only some filters used  (´ω`★)

miss my short hair T_T

my everyday make up for work ----->

same pic, different filters used (^ω^)

that's all  O(≧▽≦)O !!!!

see you in the next post!

I had a horrible HORRIBLEEE shift this week x.x 5-9pm DDDD: next week will be the same ;-;

I'm tired of stalkers....

*TUESDAY, going back from work, in the bus*
some guy sitting next to me: hi
me: (fuck) hi... -_-;
- how are you?
- fine -_-
- do you fancy a drink?
- .... no -_-
- you're very beautiful
- .... thanks -_-
- do you work in lewisham?
- .... it's a secret (fuck you man D: )
- because everyday I see you at lewisham
- .............

*bus stopped and I went out, he after me*


- see you love!



I had the most touching situation ever... I was waiting for a bus and next to me was sitting a very poor older man. of course this fucking bus driver didn't stop even tho I was waving at him so I was pretty angry lol. and that man said it's very rude of the driver and then he asked me if I ate lunch. then he wanted to share his water and cupcakes with me o,o it was really amazing how people who don't have much are willing to share with you... and then he said "you're very nice. it must be a good sign. HE is a very lucky man.." ...... I honestly had tears in my eyes, luckily I was wearing shades @_@;


my new t-shirt from my shop :DDD


BYEEEEE (*^▽^)/