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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hellooooo  (。・ω・)ノ゙
how are you guys doing?
I've planning this entry for some time and then I thought my first idea wasn't really good so I'm just gonna write about random things that happened since the last time I wrote here  ( ´∀`) there will be also lots of random pics, lol  (’-’*) before you say anything - I know this blog is a MESS. I write totally random things, post some pics and that's all... so yeah, sorry for that xD any idea how to change it?  (・◇・)


remember when I told you that this hair dye from Garnier sucked? now I have some good news :D
this one, from L'oreal is perfect  (☆^O^☆) my shade is no.3 natural darkest brown. I really love it! didn't smell bad, color went out nice and was easy to apply! price: promotion in Superdrug, 5GBP

mint Aero chocolate bars! HEAVEN! (⌒▽⌒)☆
you have to try it, seriously! I wasn't very sure of them but when I tried one of these I fell in love!

I guess it's not only a random thing but also a funny fact about me xD
I usually dress black, all of my bras are black (except one, which is navy xD but it's got hello kitty on it!) but I love silly/colorful pants lol

so when I saw these at my store I had to buy them lol. price: 2,99GBP

 my parents sent me a package! wohooooo, finally some clothes and shoes lol

but this little friend was the most expected anyways (∩_∩) I love plushies! and this one is reallyyyyy special for me. my parents bought me it 4 years ago and since then I always had it with me, in every flat! now it's with me also in England!

 I wanted a nice scrub for my acne skin :c I found this in poundworl lol
is it good?
+ doesn't have very sharp pieces so it's good = doesnt irritate acne skin
+ price XDDDD 1GBP
+ doesn't have a strong chemical smell

+/- didn't really notice any results.... maybe I need to use it more often?

I've almost runned out of my basic skincare cosmetics D:
so I had to buy some....
 left: VO5 shampoo for frizzy hair. LOVE!!! 1GBP in poundworld :DDDD

but then I went to Superdrug... and for these THREE basic items I had to pay almost 12GBP DDDDDDDD: can you believe this?! I could buy myself a shirt for that price...but well, now I can't do much about it....

yesterday I went out with Monikaaaaaaa~  (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)
we went for some small shopping, to check out what's on sale in the stores lololol

that's what I got :DDDD
 a dress from H&M, the ticket says it's 5GBP from 14,99GBP but at the checkout it said 3GBP which was even better lolololol

 the back

and yesterday's one pound gets!
 Hello KItty shower gel
 Manhattan's lipgloss and pressed powder.
lipgloss is AMAZING! I love the color and it lasted for 4 HOURS :DDDD if I find one more, I will buy it!
powder is a bit darker as you can see because I will use it for contouring :3

that's all! byeeee ~(^◇^)/

now I will be working also on sundays :"D today I was on men's fitting room D: it sucked so bad T_T so boring...

I'm freezing x.x' ! it's cold outside D": and same in my fitting rooms... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


another fucking stalker... this time I got scared D:
I was in the bus, he was staring at me all the time. then I changed the bus and he went into the same bus as I. and he started talking to me... and then he was like:
- do you live with friends, family?
- with my boyfriend.
- you have a boyfriend?
- yes.
- I want to meet you again
- .... my boyfriend wouldn't be happy about it
- I will give you my numer
- no.

and he finally went out of the bus *-* I'm sure he didn't even know where is he lolz besides I'm pretty much sure he would have followed me home DDDDD: ;___; God, save me..

two days ago I killed a damn huge spider in the bathroom... I'm not like super scared of spiders but this one almost made me cry...

btw, looked like this