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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Oh my dear,
I always think I will first collect some pics and stuff and I will write a normal post but then it's like I have 454545515 of random photos and I have no idea what to write about............ *bad blogger is bad*  ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

but this is gonna be the last CHAOTIC note! I promise! at least I promise I will try to write more often, smaller posts and yeah... :"D

besides I never know what would be better... planned posts or totally spontaneous ones? 【・ヘ・?】

1. one pound gets!

you already know that I LOVE pound shops :"D lately I've bought these:
Revlon's nail polish aaaand Balance's 8 in 1 face cream

 cream (I use it only for the night time)
+ price
+ fragrance
+ doesn't clog pores
+ makes skin really soft and moisturized
+/- haven't noticed any reduction of fine lines (producer's promise!!!!)

and the nail polish! looks really cute, right? <3

2. pants!

lately I'm SOOOOOOOOO obsessed about "harem pants". just not like ANY, there are just a few designs I really do love (I just got another pair, will show in some other post xD ). so I bought these in my tkmaxx ^^

 they're really nice and comfy :3 I love wearing them for work!


like seriously....... I'm so soooo tired of my current weight |: but it's a hormonal thing *sighs*
so it doesn;t matter if I'm on a diet or not - my weight remains the same (at least I've stopped gaining weight |||||: )....
but I still want to try!

 I drink this only once per day (you know how do these things work >.>' I can't drink it like BEFORE work, 'cause if anything I wouldn't to keep running to the toilet *-*;;; ) aaaand take this pill also only once per day. it says I should do that more often but you know, I already take lots of medicines ~~;

4. HAIRRRR (and cappuccino...? )

random pic is random lol
anyways I bought this hair dye this time!
it's Schwarzkopf's color mask in no.300 "black brown".

I love it! next time (of course if it will be on sale or something ^^;;;; ) I will take a shade one tone lighter because at first my hair looked really BLACK.
it's easy to use it, doesn't smell horrible and that hair treatment is AMAZING *-*

5. OTHER GOODS!!!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

I haven't tried them on yet :c you know I'm allergic to most of eyelash adhesives so I don't like wearing lashes like for the whole day.... and lately I was at work from  1pm to 9pm so yeah, you can imagine how tired my eyes already were... and with false lashes they'd kill me

VO5's hair serum <3 omg, I love it!
it smells soooooo good and really makes my hair look better : D I use it for ends especially!

(clip ins, vatika's hair oil with cactus and some whitening body lotion lol)

 talking about hair........... you know what's funny? that buying these three things (including HUMAN HAIR clip ins o_O ) costs less than cutting your hair. seriously....
I was thinking about letting my hair grow but now I think I can't really make it long. why?
a) because my hair is thin and delicate so I'm afraid that I will start losing my hair >.<;
b) I still have that boyish soul : D ! I feel the best with short hair!
c) it's easier to maintain lolololol

so I think I will just leave my hair like this and use clip in extentions! I think I will buy some more in the future ^^v

6. GALLIANO!!!!!!!!

can you believe it?! I'm a happy owner of one of John Galliano's tops <3
bought it in my tkmaxx, they just came into the store and I was like "ohhh, so pretty!!! it was 120 and now it's 20..?" *saw Galliano's logos and stuff and died*
seriously! I love the color, details, design and the fact it looks so perfect on me @.@; even my mom said it looks like it was made just for me lololol

bad pic, I know D: I will try to take a better pic when I only go out wearing it xD

7. new nails!

finally got to do my nails!

they're acrylic, not too long and just in a perfect shape.
and I love this blue'ish/turquoise nail polish!


that's all!!!

see you in the next post! ⊙▽⊙


ps. I'm sick lol I wanna dieeee 8DDDD