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Monday, 21 October 2013

hellooooo~!!! ( ・ω・)ノ

how are you doing  (*^ワ^*) ?

hahah, yeah, finally a new post! well, when I think about it I will try to post something every two weeks. what do you think? there's always random stuff going on and I forget about it or/and I'm too tired to write about it orz

ready? ( ^∇^)



hmmm, actually I got them like 2-3 weeks ago.... but I will show them now, lol


BAGGY PANTS! my mom would say they look like a diaper orz
maybe it's true, but I love such pants :"D they're so comfy and cool! and I can wear them to work  (´ω`★)
store: ebay


believe me or not but many customers ask me where did I get them ^^;;; so when I say "on ebay x: " they seem to be a bit confused lol

this one is so nice, the fabric is very good as well. I can wear it to work too (^~^)
 (yeahhh, top from Galliano and pants from ebay : Dv )

store: tkmaxx

*bag and shoes

I had to buy a new bag :7 like seriously... *sighs*
I was looking for it everywhere I guess. but nothing. too small, too pricey, too not-my-type... (-_-)'
this one I bought in deichmann : DDD really cool one! is very light and looks good imo!

I had to buy myself good shoes for work v.v' I was searching for these everywhere and I didn't feel like spending lots of money sooo... x: I finallyyyyyyyy found them on Woolwich in some cheap store : D will try them out tomorrow lol, hopefully they will be good and comfy!!!


typical stuff lol
vo5 shampoo and this roller for clothes lol

I'm out of my loose powder so I bought a baby powder : D works the same way, it's translucent (BUT if you're tanned or your natural skin tone is warm don't use it - your face might look weird and a bit pale). 

 Olia, what can I say?
it's a good hair dye (I hope it won't fade in a few hair washes tho |||: ), nice color, conditioner added is big and makes your hair really soft and nice. what's the bad part? APPLICATION. it was drying on my hair so quickly that I had to rip the hair to get to another parts (;-;)

Boot's style works!
omg, it works miracles!!!!
costs less than 3GBP and so far I don't see any cons!!!!
so to the pros :D !
+ price
+ smell <3
+ makes your hair really soft and shiny
+ doesn't make your hair greasy!
+ really protects from the heat!

Dabur's Rose Premium Water
Monnie actually convinced me to buy it : D it's cheap and the bottle is quite big. we will see if it make some miracles in my case!


slimming arm "socks"
worth trying ^^' all the women from my mom's side have this stupid problem. even if they're slim the arms are like... a bit hmm.. a bit fat and loose D: it's genetical I think x.x' orz

something like sauna belt... well, used only once so far so I can't write much about it lol

you know, I have no idea why I buy false lashes... 'cause I don't have neither time nor I really should wearing them.. you know, allergy thing *sighs*
but they were so pretty ;-;'


eye patches! after using them I really regret that I got only one package of these lololol

as you can see everything is written in Korean but it's easy to get the point, right

+ really COOL feeling! so relaxing!
+ made the skin under my eyes more nourished and moisturized

anything else? not really.... but this nice cool and relaxing feeling should last forever lol <3

 ok, maybe not "more" but "again" !

maybe you don't knwo but I totally love Minzy from 2NE1 ヽ(^Д^)ノ 
she's so cute and very pretty! 
but since I decided to not cut my hair I've been looking for the pics with her in long hair.
and anyways... should I get a fringe o.o' ....?

also gonna try the make up :333 !!!


 you know, there's a new girl on the fitting room now v.v so they put me on accesorries... you'd say it's really cool... but it's not. believe me it's not. in my tkmaxx accesorries department is really BIG. and for one person it's just too much. especially when people make such a mess :7 you do the pick ups and you try your best to maintain all the bags, wallets, scarfs, gloves, hats, glasses, cosmetics... and after like 5 minutes your manager asks you to go to the bags area because AGAIN 60% of them is on the floor... you know what? I often think people are just PIGS (ok, I offend pigs now |: ) when it comes to shopping in this store. they throw everything on the floor, don't care about putting something back on the shelf just BEHIND THEM, are mean and you just want to choke them : D not all of the customers are like that of course but unfortunately most of them... last week I was working from 10 to 7 so believe me, I was really tired. and because we still need new cashiers my supervisors kept asking me to go to the tills "for a few minutes" ... so of course nothing was done on the department.... I think I will ask them to put me somewhere else (T_T)'

that would be all for now! 
you can finally leave comments lol xDDDD

gyaru brands in TKMAXX?! yes!!!! a few days ago coats from ME JANE arrived to TKMAXX!!!! can you believe in that??! I was so shocked I almost started screaming of excitement orz maybe one day more gyaru brands will appear in the stores..?