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Monday, 28 October 2013

from a long time I was wondering what should I do with this blog... x:

so yesterday I was talking with Monnie and she gave me lots of good advices! thank you so much <3 !

1. small layout change!

you've probably noticed the layout is now a bit brighter x:

2. content of this blog..?

since I remember (which is like... since I was 5-6 years old xD ) I've always admired Asian beauty! I wanted to look as beautiful as Asian girls/women, so yeah! that's my goal :D ! you can call me "wapanese" if you want, it won't offend me (even tho I'd never lie about my origin, I'm 100% Polish ^^v ). this blog would be about Asian cosmetics and make up trends aaaaand of course about me ;3 !

I will try to make updates about new trends in cosmetics and make up because that's what I'm reallyyyyy interested in! I will see how would it go!

3. challenge!

because like I said it will be a blog about beauty etc. I think from now on, I will try to buy mainly Asian cosmetics! I will try to make the best reviews as well!

4. make up?

make up is not only about eyeshadows, lipglosses etc.! as you can see my skin tone is reallyyyyyyy pale and cool (porcelain type)! it's very hard to find a good foundation, bb cream or powder for me :c so for all the pale girls - I will try to find a perfect cosmetics :D !

so, for now that would be all!

I hope you will stay with me and support me!


and now.........
the weather is awful, stupid storm in UK scares me so bad T_T I have no idea how I'm gonna go to work or come back D: especially because I'm AGAIN from 5pm to 9pm ;-;

and I'm sick lol


anyways that would be all for now!
let me know what do you think!
any ideas? questions?
leave a comment please (^.^)v