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hello hello~ Miru desu. I'm a Polish girl living in UK!!! but who am I actually?
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Tuesday, 2 November 2010
staring at Tenchimu's pics makes me feel even fuglier lol

isn't she super cute? D:

click click blog

I envy her (T_T)
I'm still searching for my own style.
which is pretty... hm... hard.


how to become a cool gal like Kanako?

I don't know anymore.
I like boyish style, mixing gal with gyaruo and vhost fashion....

I don't know what to do with my hair either.
and I still don't know how to glue those stupid fake lashes (>_<)"
everytime when I try it's like... I feel them on my eyelid and it's very uncomfortable.
anyways, I ordered 10 pairs of korean lashes on ebay.
I can't wait to get them.
maybe I will finally learn how to glue them lol (_-_)

I'm such a tard...

besides, I'm looking for a job.
I need it ><


I'm a girl after all, so I need money for.. girly things lol.
living away from home is expensive, I also have to pay for my school.
and of course for the room I rent...
and like all girls, I love shopping (;_;) ...
I want new clothes, cosmetics... stuff.


but it's hard.
because I'm studying.
I finish my classes at 5pm (_-_)
I don't know what to do hahaha