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Monday, 15 November 2010
Okay, so...
hm, like always I don't know where to srart.
I'm still searching for some Japanese living in Poland (Warsaw x: ) because I need to practice the language (-.-)" dang.. and noyryokushiken is coming (@.@)"
so stressing D: !

last week there were Days of Japanese Culture on the Warsaw's University.
because my University takes part in it, especially my faculty (Japanese Culture) we went there too.
there were some nice lectures, some of them were super boring... I only got to take three pics in the Zen Garden's pic gallery x.x"

quite pretty ne ^^;

so now another thing. way different from Japan XD and quite random lol

I got thissss

it's good, me likey :3 I wanted to chek it from some time.
Anew Rejuvenate's Mineral facial rinse-off treatment (*-*)

it's light blue aaaand feels nice~
leaves your face smooth, a bit taut and clean :3
because my skin is pretty dry, I will use it only once a week (you should use it 3 times a week normally.. )

and another random.
my nails~
wooo! so looong

with nice teal coloured nail polish and black zebra print. I made them myself, like always x.x" blah

so, that's all for nowww~

mata ne~