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Wednesday, 8 December 2010
feeling sick and tired (-.-)

I'm after N5 btw, and to be honest I have no idea how did it go..
and uh, now I'm just sick.
some kind of flu I guess blahhh


but well, random thing now.
my wishlist has more... wishes (XD ) now.
it sucks so bad to be a poor student D':
and poor gyaru-wannabe lol >.>

well, I will listen to my Maya-san <3
she said that gyaru has to be in your heart.
I believe her 'cause she's my oneesan and my sensei and what's the most important she is a Japanese girl so she knows better than some.. western "know-it-all" girls who can only criticise people...
it's easy to judge people instead of giving them (GOOD!) advices ne.
btw, I'm not saying that every western gal is like that. but I've noticed that people who critize the mosta ren't gyaru at all or are really bad at it. orrrr just don't get the fact there are many types of gyaru fashion and not everyone has to look like Kumicky or Tsubasa Masuwaka to be a gal. most of gyaru try to mix stuff together and create their own look. just look at Nonoka (EGG) for example. Kaoru Watanabe isn't a typical barbie-like gyaru either.

follow gyaru trends girls, but don't change into someone's clone! check out what looks good at you and just wear it (^^)v

just some random thoughts... like always... (-x-)"