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hello hello~ Miru desu. I'm a Polish girl living in UK!!! but who am I actually?
*hair products maniac
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010
okay, of course I have many many more. but these are my main inspirations (at least now ;3 ).
as you know (probably.... if you read my profile >.> ), I love to mix styles. 
boyish gal + vkei/oshare host + oshare/vkei musicians.

she is my inspiration in gyaru style. I love the way she looks and her coordinates. her make up is perfect too <3

D=OUT's Hikaru
musician. he's super cute and actually he made me change my hair colour from black to orange (haha, I didn't keep orange hair but still, it's a huge change for me!). I love his coordinates. I want to steal his clothes xP

Men's Knuckle's Kentarou
my favourite gyaruo model. his hair and clothes are always <3

Satsuki Senatti
host (^^) he is cute and his style is super oshare~

Irokui's Shuta
rock gyaruo? yes, indeed XD and a bit of vkei style. me likey XD

Irokui's Yu~ri
totally love his make up! (@.@)

well, another random post. 
meeehhh, I want springgggg (.____.)