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Tuesday, 14 June 2011
Hi there~!

Well, it's June and my egzamination session is coming... bleh >.<
tomorrow I have two first egzams so wish me luck (;_;)'
I really want to pass this semester and become a 3 year student!
especially after what my friend said yesterday <3
thank you so much Maya-san for cheering me up (;__;) you really gave me a lot of confidence and power to study and to not give up everything.

As you probably know, I have a stupid depression and lately it got worse 'cause of some really bad situation I had with one of my flatmates... anyways, I won't say anything about it 'cause it's a private thing and I just don't want to think about it anymore, I need to focus on other things. but I hope everything will be okay again so I won't have to move out. but, hahah... now besides depression I have an anxiety state and mental breakdown.... so I got even MORE pills to save myself from a suicidal thoughts and stuff like that, meh... I'm such a loser lolololol :'D that's why I didn't really feel like showing up anywhere, on any instant messenger or anything.

Okay, let's stop whining :"D  !

Thanks to Maya-san I feel much better, she was cheering me up and was there for me. and I'm really so thankful! You have no idea how much does that mean to me. Now I really understood that there are my friends for me, they care and they love me the way I am. they want my happiness ... like a week ago, I went on the party (for the first time in my life lol XD ) and then one friend said: "you were the most unexpected guest here, but the most wanted here. We're all are really glad that you came with us" (;_;) awh... I've never heard anything like that before (T^T)

but okay... *sighs*
I will try to study some for tomorrow (>_<)"


I'm still having this stupid blogspot issues D": I can't leave any comment, follow anyone or just do anything besides posting a new entry. seriously, WHAT THE FUCK DX