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Wednesday, 29 June 2011
Hi there~!

So, I'm almost on summer holidays lol.
I mean, my egzams are ALMOST finished...
I totally need a break (@_@);

I failed kanji so uhh, I don't feel really happy... it's all because of my fucking probles with memory, damn you depression D": !
but still, I have to write N4 this Sunday and I need to focus on it now (>_<)"


back to some nice things.
Lately I've stopped wearing exte >.> I'm just too lazy x':
Today for my philosophy exam I had only one shorter exte.
and I had my fav falsies <3 hehehe, cheap eyelashes from ebay rox ;D

Aaaaand after egzam I went with my friend to the ticket store to buy my ticket for GACKT (*__*) wohoo~happy!!!

What's more, I'm thinking about quit smoking x:
not really because I want to ('cause I don't XD lol ) but because it REALLY costs a lot >< !
and I'm just a poor student (andwantmoremoneyforcosmeticsandstuff x": ) ~_~;; ...

I still want some cosmetics from my fav gyaru brands or just some better ones I really want to try! of course, I still love cheaper cosmetics :D ~! Like Essence, Inglot, Avon etc. Some of their cosmetics are really good and the fact they're cheap makes them even better ;3 just too bad they don't have things like highlighter for example.. so, I'm thinking about buying this one from Canmake

I also want a lip conclearer... probably not this one from CandyDoll, 'cause they're too expensive for me... but maybe from some other brand... who knows x:

btw, I'm still waiting for my BB Cream ;_; meh, I was talking with the seller and I know she sent it... but I'm REALLY fraid that our stupid post office could've lost it D": I'd kill them if they did!!!

uh, okay....
I'll better finish now lol >.>

edit XD !!!

Okay, so I went shopping with my friend Maya :3
I wanted to buy myself something to motivate me with my "quit smoking D: !" mission XD
aaaaand I got something really cool x3 normally, I'd spend that money on cigs >.> wow...

really! it's super cotton-candy and highlighting pinky blush <3

shjcdvbsajvdjsavd *___________*
I've always wanted them T^T !!!!!
buying them made me so happy ;O; !!!!

Love you <3