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Tuesday, 5 July 2011
it's so cold in here >.<
I don't like when it;s above 26'C but when it's around 12'C and it's raining all the time it's not so good either Dx

rain, rain, rainnnn.... (T^T)

okay, so maybe something slightly more positive now xD
small shopping!
my mom came to me to Warsaw aaaand got me some things, yay!
thank you so much mama <3 !!!!

finally, my new mp3 player ('cause the old one is... old XD and not really working ==' ) and uh oh cool headphones from TallyWeijl :D !

and this lovely t-shirt XD I love yellow >w>'
from Bershka (^^)v huhu, it kinda reminds me of CO&LU's designs which I love reallyyyyy bad!

nanana, my avon thingies!
Herve Leger's "Ete" perfumes <3
watermelon body splash aaand black liquid eyeliner :3

and now some shots of my make up x: 'cause I've modified it a bit and added diff lashes >O>

honestly, gow does it look like? (o.O)'

as a bonus: my doggie sleeping :3333

well, that'd be all for now.
it was so cold yesterday that I caught a cold :7 I'm all sneezy, having an awful headache and being cold all the time... meh...
yeah... "summer" >.>