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Monday, 11 July 2011
hi there!

Well, as you probably know (or not lol) I want my hair to grow a bit longer.
but hmmmmmm...
my current hair doesn't look good and lost it's shape so..

I decided to go to the hair dresser :D !

so, my hair before (yes, with exte)

and now (without any exte x: )

looks better than before, it's not such a mess anymore (@@) !
so I can just let it grow normally, ha :D

oh, btw!

I've tried to make something like gyaru-bun. I dunno if it looked good (my mom said it did XD ) but that's the effect!

so, does it look okay? I will probably wear it more often o: it's useful when it's hot outside (x_x)'

but anyways...

Two longer pieces of my exte doesn't look good anymore :7
So I decided to buy a full set of them. Better quality, 48-50cm long.

hopefully they will look good on me D: I ordered them today meh...

so, enough about hair for now xP

PS. I can't leave or respond to any comment again >.< !!!
So I'm very sorry D:


my baby hamster :333

new clothes (I look fat on that pic o_O )
shirt from Reserved
and skirt from market place :D


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  1. Jej obserwuję Cię od dość dawna ale link do twojego bloga mi zaginał,dziś udało mi się znaleźć i dodaje Cię do obserwowanych byś mi już nie zginęła.. Ale przez pierwsze 5 minut nie mogłam uwierzyć że to ty, strasznie się zmieniłaś i te włosy doczepiane <333 Pięknie, brak mi słów i zazdroszczę Ci strasznie że tak azjatycko wyglądasz