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Thursday, 21 July 2011

hello lovies!

today again about hair :3

my natural hair is hmmm... a bit.. wavy, but in a very annoying way x.x'
I've always wanted to have straight hair so everday I use straightener and LOTSSSS of hair products that protects your hair from the heat and makes it more straight and soft.

A few years agoI wanted to go to the hair dresser and straight it chemically, but the cost just... broke me XD' so I got used to the fact my hair will never be perfect (in the way I find any hair perfect xP ).

But today I found out THIS!

CS's Straightening Cream "No Lye" (^_^)
got this from the store for hair dressers lol x:

It straightens your hair permanently! I just can't wait to use it (T^T)~!
But I will try this tomorrow probably, so I will write about the results (@_@);

Wish me luck please D; it wasn't too cheap!