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Friday, 22 July 2011
Okay, just like I promised I straightened my hair today (>w<) ~!

so, pictures now, step by step :D

straightener and neutralizer :D
oh god, what an UGLY smell, really (x_X);
if you've ever bleached your hair, and you thought it stinked... well, that thing stinks 100000 TIMES WORSE D: !

my hair before.
you can't really see how do they look, 'cause I straightened them yesterday x:

after application o:

after rinsing and neutralising x:

and TADA~! the result!

okay, it looks a bit puffy, I know :"D but it's just dry, I reallyyyyy need a good hair conditioner and stuff like that x:

anyways, I straightened them a bit with my hair straightener and it looks really well now :3
I will take better pics next time :D
I'm super happy with the result anyways (n3n)

see you~!