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Monday, 4 June 2012

Hello my dear Readers!
I should be learning... oh, I REALLY SHOULD!
but I don't know... the weather totally sucks and I don't really feel like doing anything D;
too bad that kanji won't just go to my head without learning xP
and my Bechelor's Degree essay won't magically become written (v.v)'


do you have any requests for me?
would you like me to write about something specific?
of course, I still remember I have to write about my cheap&good colour cosmetics, don't worry ;D
I will, I promise! (^.^)

*random things time!*
I'm just sick of this stupid hair color... :C it should be dark BLONDE, not dark BROWN D: !!!
I'm washing my hair twice a day now because I so want to get rid of it >___< !!!!
I hope it will wash away, really... I don't want to BLEACH my hair AGAIN D: 
do you know any way to make the colour a bit lighter? (;_;)
what I would love to achieve is Palty's "marshmallow ash" color...

but since my hair is just too dark now, even if I dyed it in some ash medium/dark blond it won't make any difference *SIGHS*
what to dooooooooooooo!!!!

when you want to have MEDIUM OR DARK BLONDE, never - BUT NEVER!!!!!! - buy a hair dye named like that.... you will probably end up like me. with dark brown hair.... always buy a hair dye at least one tone lighter! it's a lesson for me to learn mehhh (x.x)'

okay, that's all for now :"D
I will try to kick myself in the butt and go studying!