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Monday, 2 July 2012

So, I'm kind of back to blogging, I needed some break actually *sighs*

I went to amazing concert with amazing people (thank you guys!!!!! ) and on the next day I went to Nippon Freak Show and then a party lol. and I came back at 7am next morning (>_o);

on thursday I went with my friend to some nice Asian shop and ohhh, I had to buy some food of course x: not too much (lack of money lol) but I got my faves :D !

shrimp flavored crackers <3333333333333333333333333333333

Hello Kitty pocky and some korean energetic drink with vitamin C lol. tasted greaaat :D

yeah, and some random pic of new shoes x:

next day!
Anli Pollicino's concert :D

my make up that day

of course I didn't take any pics during the concert (FAIL =A=;; ) because I totally forgot about it (o_O);;

but it was cool :D I bought a poster and got band members' autographs on it (^_^)

the same day I got Soul Sister 2nd issue and some shop catalogues from Alina-san (THANK YOU!!!! <33333 ) (*w*)

and oh, hai thar~
me looking shitty and gorgeous Shindy-san from Anli Pollicino :D

after the concert I wanted to tell him that he is so skinny and oh my god, I wish I had his figure! D:
and what I said.........?
"I WANT YOUR BODY"  (シンディさんの体がほしいです~ ) WTFFFFF MIRU FAIL (X_x)'
of course I realized that AFTER I said it.............. 
I hope he didn't take it in a wrong way D: 

next day was Nippon Freak Show (^_^)v
had fun as well :D
don't even ask about details because it's a looooong story (#_#)'

make up:

and that's all for now :3


I might go on ACE's concert in Warsaw! I really want to go D: !

yes, I can wear false lashes again! that d.u.p eyelash adhesive is amazing <3 !!!!!

I'll be looking for a job in Warsaw......... meh, I hope I will find anything >_>;;;;