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Friday, 20 July 2012

Hello my Dears~

this post will be about some random things (like always =w=; ) and something sad which happened yesterday's morning.

and of course, pic spam.... >>'

my mini cosmetic haul:

1. Timotei's shampoo and conditioner for very dry and damaged hair
lately I've got really serious about hair cosmetic without silicons, parabens etc. and THESE don't contain ANY of such things! leaves hair really nice, shiny, smooth and delicate <3 I already love it!

L'oreal's Elseve cement-ceramid hair treatment.
great thing! OSUSUME!

Clean&Clear's morning energy skin brightening daily moisturiser with lemon and papaya extracts
smells yummy :"D
okay, since my skin doesn't tan almost at all (it gets just... A BIT... creamy yellow'ish o_ó; ), I've decided to stay as pale as possible lol. maybe white skin can look cool even on me (x.x);

Vichy's Idealia cream
before you say anything ^^; .... I won this, okay x: REALLY. 
NO IDEA HOW DID IT HAPPEN (o__O); but yeah... I somehow won it from Vichy.
normally, I would use it because it's whitening etc. bla bla... but it's for ladies a bit older than me xP
so I just decided to give it to my mom (^^)v

some latest make up shoots.
not in mood for lashes, sorry D:
(especially because my lenses BROKEN for the second time WTF, maybe I will write about it -_-; )

new blush from KOBO. it's baby pink and I hope it will look good on me!
review coming soon!

a super HUGE ring my mom got me! omg, I LOVE IT! D:
thank you mom (;w;) ~<3


my baby, my little hamster Miku-chan passed away yesterday's morning.
I actually feel like my heart broke apart, it hurts so bad.
I was crying since Tuesday, because he stopped eating, drinking and he was only sleeping.
and yesterday he didn't wake up....

I love you my little Prince, my little-big friend...
you will never be forgotten.