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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hello my Dears :D !

how are you doing? (^_^)

here is like... winter (*-*);;;;; seriously, wtfffffff...


some time ago was my birthday lol, I totally hate this day but nvm XD"

even tho I don't want people to remember about it ( really x: ) my friends were there and even bought me something (stupid! I told you to not buy me anything ;-; !!!! ) v.v'

first, from Usag-san <3 !

sweets to make me fatter XDDDDD

and super yummy mango milky drink om nom nommmmmmmmmm

then, surprisingly I got this super cute Sanrio mug from my other friend :3

wow, I was really shocked xD !

cuteeee, ne ^.^

theeeen, I went back to Lublin and my Domi-chan took me for the cupcakes *-*

super yummy choco-mint cupcake (*Q*) !!!!!

I also got this mug <3 (yeah, I love getting mugs xDv )

white tea :3

and this sweet melon scented candle (^_^)

another surprise!

from my Jessa-chan <3 !!!!

this is really SO DAMN CUTE (;_;) !!!!!

gah, when I find a job I will have to spend this whole money for you guys XD ! hahahah <3


MWAHAHAHAHAH !!!! totally random shit with Usagi-san XDDDDDD

who said you can't have fun without alcohol?! XDDDD

*dies* hahahahah x"DDD it's killing me x": everytime when I see these pics XDDDD"


we also went to the party with Usagi-san : D

a friend of mine has his birthday at the same day as me ;3 !


at the party lol, only one pic (-.-)" somehow...

but it was fun xD !


some new gets

Eveline's hydra extreme 3D

5% urea creamy milk

ginvera's greentea whitening complete cleanser


Skinfood's fresh apple cream

haven't tried any of these yet ^^"

miss sporty's nail polish, metal flip

I'm really disappointed with this nail polish :c

I thought it will look as cool as in the bottle ><'

but two coats and it still looks so pale on my nails ;-;


ahhh, yes! new hair :D !

old hair lolololol my face >A>"

aaaaaand new hair!

like 1/3 shorter xD !

what do you think?


random pics time :D !!!

today they took my blood AGAIN for stupid examination because of my stupid athyroidosis (-.-)

my babyyyyyy~

and new shoes lol xD

from my mom <3

huhuhuuuu, love them : D

well, that would be all for now (^_^)v




I still can't find a job in Warsaw (._.)" I've graduated from school and well... nothing >.>

they're fucking ignoring me everywhere D:

so yeah, probably this autumn I'm going to England :3 !

maybe they won't care if you're tattooed and/or pierced to get any job that would let you make a living (-.-)'

buuuut first I need to wait for any infos about Dir en grey xDDDDD'

lololol, honestly, they HAVE TO COME TO POLAND AND I HAVE TO SEE THEM D: !!!

I know they will (@_@);;; !!!!!