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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Today I would like to share some thoughts with you! about what? about being that 'gaijin gyaru' or how I think is better to call - GAL (gyaru is Japanese, gal is just... gaijin lol)

why I even bother to write this?

well, because I'm just tired to see oh-so-cool gals bullying other gals for actually nothing :D

and I think, I will explain that well on my own self.

shall we start?

so what makes you a gal and what doesn't:


I find it actually pretty useful! I know it's been made for Asian people to enlarge their eyes. but I think they looks good even on normal, european or just non-asian eyes. it makes your eyes BIGGER so the rest of your face (nose, lips, etc.) look smaller :D which is great, especially if you want them to look smaller lol

I personally love them!

CONS! if your eyes are bright, don't even try to use dark non-gradient lenses! unless you want to scare people away :3

note: in oneegyaru style circle lenses is NOT A MUST! check out Happie Nuts for example, not all of their models wear circle lenses!


as we know, 90% of Asian girls have very short non-visible lashes. so yeah, they use false lashes. but don't even try to convince me that without false lashes you're NOT a gal. look at (again...) oneegyaru models! not all of them use supe long super plastic looking lashes! so use them if you want, if you don't - at least try to make your own lashes look good!

CONS! I have that stupid allergy for most of eyelash glues/fix's/etc.... there's only ONE glue that doesn't harm my eyes that much:


it's really cool, but when it comes to polish money, quite expensive. AND if you want to use it everyday, you will need to buy it EVERY MONTH. I can't afford that x: so to make me a "real gal" will you be my sponsor? I don't think so.

note: think about your eye shape and just if your eyes are already big. unless you want to look like a clown and just scary in general


once again, it was "invited" mostly for ASIAN GIRLS (I mean nose especially >.> )!!!!

their noses are small and... flat (lol, sorry if it was offensive to anyone x.x' ). they just want to make the nose bridge looking higher <-- highlighting, and thinner <-- contouring. do it only if you have similar "problem".

note: don't use too dark brown for contouring... it doesn't look cute/sexy, believe me.


brand clothing doesn't make you gal. it's really nice to have clothes from your fav gyaru brands! and I'm not saying you shouldn't buy them. but they just won't make you an instant gal, just saying. besides, there was that small interview (and I can't find it ANYWHERE to show you x_X) with a JAPANESE gal and she said that GYARU CAN WEAR WHATEVER SHE WANTS!

note: I know Ma*rs for example have really nice clothing and stuff, but be aware that outside Japan people can think you're a prostitute if you wear such clothes. I know it sucks and "real gyaru" wouldn't care. but think about it, seriously.


blonde hair doesn't make you a gal! now gyaru have various hair colors from black to white! same with extentions, if you want to wear them, at least buy them in the color that matches your hair! and what's more: CARE ABOUT IT!

note: really, take a good care of your exte unless you want to look like if you had some dead animals' tails on your head :D

soooo, that would be all for now!

share your thoughts with me!

do you agree? or not really?

I'm waiting for your comments :3 !