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Sunday, 25 May 2014
OMG, it feels like it's been AGES since I've last posted anything q-q;

not much has happened so far to be honest....
1. still got the same job
2. still single (lol)
3. still in London

what's changed?
1. after 16 years of being sure I'm shortsighted.... I've found out I'm actually an ASTIGMATIC wuuuuuuuuut!!!!!!! so yeah, new glasses and new lenses. I don't have them yet, just ordered so wait for update about that please xP
2. I've definitely graduated from gyaru scene :c my fav magazines had gone bankrupt too so... yeah. at the moment I'm looking for the right style.
3. I've dyed my bangs pink! yaaaay!
4. got a new tattoo
5. got a short holidays and spent that time in Poland
6. my NEW laptop broke :7 I bought it in January and the keyboard stopped working... when I was calling the service, thanks to their "help" my touchpad also stopped working!!!! can you imagine that?! now I'm waiting to get paid and go to their store. they seriously have to fix that |||:
AND today I cut my hair for the first time in over a year lol

because I'm seriously, SERIOUSLY crazy about hair care products I was thinking about making that the main theme of this blog! I always buy a lots of hair care products and I love testing them! I had to cut my hair mostly because the ends were still damaged and very dry (result of previous bleaching... ) and no matter what after washing my hair I kept ripping them because the ends were so damn tangled and awful :c I cut a lot of hair...

my hair before:

aaand now

(btw, my new tattoo xD ! )

so yeah.
I want to grow my hair again : D !
I don't want to have super loooong hair. just 20-25cm more, healthy and without destroyed (srsly, not damaged. they were DESTROYED lol) ends.

in my next posts I will show you what hair products I use, if they work or not, what products I use for dying my hair and many many more!

leave me a comment if you want to know something in particular! ^^

see you in my next post!!!!