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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

it's just a tiny post with the explanation why I don't write any posts lately...

1. I work everyday now. literally everyday. monday to sunday. I'm very tired and when I come back home from work I don't really think about blogging.
2. because of the fact I work 7/7 I don;t go anywhere so there's not much to write about my personal stuff.
3. reviews and etc. ? I get up at 1pm, go to work after 3pm, start work at 5pm, finish work around 9pm, come back at 9.30-10pm and rest 'til 3am just to go back to sleep. mehhhh

but well, here are some better news!

1. I will probably stop working on weekends in a week or two. I'm happy 'cause I'm really really tired. I know you're gonna say 'oh but it's only 4 hours!' - I was like that as well. but 4 hours of work (my store is super busy now D: ) + about 1,5 hour of traveling can actually make you feel tired |: the bad thing is that I won't earn extra money and after christmas they won;t give anyone more hours ._.

2. I've actually prepared a few "sketches" of the posts ideas so it will be easier for me xP
3. on the 15th is my store's christmas party. if I don't have to work on weekends anymore I will go there ^^v

okay, that's all for now!