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Friday, 15 November 2013

this post will be about hair and make up :3 I have to warn you tho, my face is quite scary but I just wanted to show the make up lol

hairrrrrrry part ;3

from some time I've been thinking about cutting my bangs. it was so annoying and totally shapeless..... so I've been looking through youtube to find something easy to cut lol

that's what I've found (ΦωΦ)

 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the result isssssssss......!

I'd say it looks pretty well : D but my hair grows pretty fast lol so I will probably have to cut it again soon... or just leave it xD haven't decided yet ^^'


I really love the way 2NE1's girls do their make ups. same with eyeliner! I'm in love with this fishtail eyeliner technique <3 it's very easy and I'd say it looks really impressive!

I wanted to try that too! of course my eyes aren't Asian or I just don't have monolids in general... but hmm, it doesn't look that bad on me, does it?


and some more of my stupid face xD

what do you think? (^^)