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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello (^o^)/
it's Sunday and I think it's a good day for a blog post :D !

today I'm going to talk about my hair and give you a sample of the products I use ^^
also, I want to talk about my "hairy" goals!

interested? let's go!

1. my hair is........?

okay, so that's the first thing. you have to know about your hair, right? just like you should know if your skin is dry or oily same goes for your hair and scalp! it's very important! of course it's not always so obvious... but try your best!

* my hair is THIN. definitely thin... some of my previous hairdressers were all like "oh, you don't have much hair, do you?" and I was seriously scared that maybe I'M GETTING BALD? but nope. after searching aaaand searching and searching once again (everywhere, different hair salons, internet, beauty magazines etc.) I found out that I've actually got lots of hair.. but it's just thin. did you know that thin, fine hairs are 30% - 60% thinnier than normal ones? so that's the answer.

* the problem of thin hair is... LOOKING FLAT. especially when your hair is straight. my hair is naturally a bit wavy..? and very undisciplined :7 especially the hair around my face ughhh. but the worst thing you can do to thin hair is teasing!!!! I know, I want this gorgeous volume for everyday too! but would I want to damage my delicate hair? we all know that teasing hair can cause serious damages... what can you do then?

hmmmmm, I'd say go for volumizing shampoos and conditioners! they don;t work in my case tho. why? because most of them have citrus' extracts. they're cool unless you dye your hair. yes ladies, citrus' extracts make your dyed hair look very bad :c so search for the hair care products without citruses! however for my hair I'm using everything for colored/dyed hair.

what about silicones, sls and everything? I know what opinion they have. but you know what? I've noticed ONE very important thing (for me). like 1,5 year ago I started using hair care products (for dyed hair again) just without silicones. what's happened then? my hair color... was FADING AFTER ONE WEEK!!!!! I just couldn;t stop wondering what is causing that! then I changed all my hair care products and everything was fine again!

one more thing about silicones. if you don't do anything special to your hair, you don't dye it, you don't blow dry it, straighten it etc. then shampoos without all these should work fine for you. but well, when it comes to my hair hmmm... I think silicones just kind of "wrap" around my hair and make it a) look less thin b) protect it from weather c) look more shiny and healthy. without them my hair was looking AWFUL. thanks.

* you have to wash thin hair EVERYDAY. seriously. the problem with thin hair is that the scalp area quickly gets greasy and your hair seems to be dry. but on the next day.... everything is greasy and GROSS. use a delicate shampoo but yeah, wash your hair everyday if you have to.

* I dye my hair. for like 11 years already.

so while making a review of hair products or talking about MY HAIR, I will be talking mostly about hair that is:
1) thin and delicate
2) dyed
3) washed everyday
4) blow dryed and straightened everyday

2. old and new! what I use?

Daily Defense fresh shampoo (color safe shampoo) 
Garnier Fructis colour care conditioner "colour last, fresh colour protect" (with linseed oil and acai berries). seriously the best conditioner EVER! *-*

 once a week a hair conditioner added to my hair dye x:
Dove hair therapy intense repair mask


ANNA nafta kosmetyczna z sokiem z pokrzywy (d'uh... I'm not sure how to translate :C ) 
Vatika naturals enriched coconut hair oil

L'oreal elseve damage care pro moisture essence (Japanese edition <3 )
Superdrug's style expertise protecting hair styling spray

Superdrug's style expertise taming anti-frizz serum
natural world's moroccan argan oil 

Vatika naturals virgin olive deep conditioning hair mask
Tresemme thermal recovery (got from Monnie, haven't tried yet <3 )
Tresemme keratin smooth deep treatment masque
L'oreal elseve color vive hair pack (Japanese edition)


you've probably noticed there's no hair spray no hair mousse etc. I actually want to buy a hair spray but that's all : D do you know any good?

btw, I LOVE Asian cosmetics! do you recommend anything good ^^ ?

okay, that's all : D !
wheeew, that was a long post (as for me lol)!
what do you think? any questions?

much love!