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hello hello~ Miru desu. I'm a Polish girl living in UK!!! but who am I actually?
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Thursday, 19 June 2014
some personal stuff I originally wrote on my ameba blog.
maybe I will also share some of my thoughts over here as well... x:



Miru desu(θωθ)/

lately I feel like adding more pink to my life

I don't know what to do with my hair tho... orz

should I dye it completely pink?


the problem is I cut my hair. and now I can only wear extentions (to pretend my hair is longer lol) and they're dark brown (ノ゚ο゚)ノ

sometimes I think I should marry a hairdresser lol

what do you think? what should I do?

and I'm going back to my slightly boy'ish image.
I'm not happy with myself, with ANYTHING.

I wanted to be a bit more girly because of the person I used to like.
but after he said "you can look for someone else" I don't feel like being a girl at all.

my friends from work say I'm in a wrong country lol
I should go to Japan and find a guy who would be like me lol
but... such things are impossible.
I'm getting older but I still feel like if I was 14 or something.
it feels bad.

I guess I will just be forever alone ORZ



I'm going to see SUKEKIYO!!!!!
in UK there are NO concerts... I miss them so soooo bad (TAT)

I want to hear Kyo-sama's voice again!!!!
I can't wait!
but everytime I listen to his voice my heart is kind of breaking..
but then I feel strong again.

I'm not pretty, I've got no future but what I've got is that strength coming from MUSIC

I'm off, goodnight

I want a new tattoo NOW



Miru desu.

While having a short hiatus from ameblo I went to Poland for short holidays ドキドキ

I had to go to the eye doctor as well. and hmmm...

after 16 years of being SURE I'm shortsighted I've found out I'm actually an ASTIGMATIC lol
so I got new glasses ドキドキ and ordered new lenses (still waiting for them tho)

and my horrific no make up face DON~!!!!

I look like a pig ブタ

today I'm off and I seriously felt like drinking some sweet cocktail...
but they had none at the store (-.-)'

so this one will have to do too




Miru desu.

today I had this customer in my store...
super tall Chinese guy...
very handsome (100% ikemen!)
around my age
with really cool tattoos....

and with....



this is just my LUCKあせる

lately I was wondering why guys are so selfish?
they all want women who would be family oriented.
for them it means "stay at home and do everything so I can have fun"
that's not fair, isn't it?
why is that?

today's dusk was beautiful...

<-----  that would be all for now!!!
another post (this time about hair!) on Sunday! (^^)v