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hello hello~ Miru desu. I'm a Polish girl living in UK!!! but who am I actually?
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Wednesday, 9 March 2011
Mood: great! hahaha
Listening to: nothing

My university takes part in the Night of the museums' event and this year there will be a Japanese Street fashion show yay! and well, I'm gonna be a model there ;D I hope for being gyaru model lol, really! I can't wait 'til May (;_;) ! but I so need to lose some weight (from 48-49kg to 43-45kg!) and get some more gal accessories and clothes 'cause I really wanna make a good gal model (>_<) ~! I also need some tips' how to be a better gyaru ne~! I want to spread gyaru fashion and culture in Poland xD

anyways... I can't wait to get my shippo ne (*A*) I ordered it as my birthday gift lol!