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Saturday, 26 March 2011
Mood: sleepy
Listening to: nothing

after small shopping.
I got that amazing blouse, FINALLY! wooo! I was craving it for a long long time hahah, but my mom said it's too expensive. and today, LUCKY! sale :D !

blouse: House

and some cheap cosmetics to just check if they work!

mineral blush from Lovely
colour: Tempting rose

"Magic Pen" concealer from Lovely
colour 2
for shading >.> I wanna use a slightly darker concealer instead of using my eyeshadow ne~

I need a super pink dolly blush... and I saw this one. looked really cute and was super cheap so I took it lol.
I will try it tomorrow.


other thing...
tomorrow (well, actually TODAY) Orochi is playing in Warsaw.
I wanted to go.
but now I'm not sure if I go (._.)
not my fault...
my friend promised me a ticket as my birthday gift.
but now she has problems with money...
I don't blame her but I'm just not sure if I will get money for a ticket now.
dunno what to do now...