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hello hello~ Miru desu. I'm a Polish girl living in UK!!! but who am I actually?
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Mood: sleepy
Listening to: nothing

Okay, as I promised... so the blush. looks pretty good, I was actually surprised 'cause it was quite cheap ne... but looks good :3 natural and pinky xD

also from today lol. my baby! I bought some yummy relishes for my Miku <3 he seemed to be happy about them hahaha (^^)

aaaand... I bought an eyebrow pen. from Essence. colour Light Brown.

and got this as a free bonus xP me likey lol

so, that's all ne.
Still trying my best to become a good gaijin gyaru. and still my main inspiration is Kanako so I won't be kawaii and girly gal lol