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Wednesday, 14 September 2011
Hello my Dears (^^)V !

Today was just great :D I finally got to meet with Maya after a long while >.< !
She was in Japan (LUCKYYYYYY) so when we've met, she had to spend some time on talking about how it was xD ! What a great trip she had, lucky neee (*__*) ~! We spent a nice afternoon on eating a yummy ice cream desserts, shopping and chatting (^_^)

Maya, lol XD

look what she got me, awww (TT___TT)~!!!! two cool bracelets from CO&LU in my fav colours!!!! yellow and blue!!! also I got a booklet from their new collection (A/W 2011)~! THANK YOU SO MUCH MAYA-CHAN <3333 !!!!!

I bought a new cosmetic bag lol >.>;
the one I used to keep in my bag started getting too... small XD
this one is bigger and cuter <3
from H&M

okay, I seriously need to take a better care of my skin D:
it's a weird combination, really... dry skin with acne problems wtf (-.-)'
I've heard a lot of good oppinions about Clinique's cosmetics so today I found this trial kit in Douglas. I talked with their dermatologist and together we found the best option for my skin ---> skin type 2, combination to dry skin set. I haven't tried it out yet 'cause I have some cosmetics for now but getting out of them slowly. so after I finish them, I will definitely try Clinique :D !


Talking about skin and acne problems...
It's not like I have the worst skin ever (I saw worse than mine >.>; ) but it has it's problems I'm trying to get rid of. I was searching and searching aaaand searching (lol) and I decided to get THIS

Biore Acne mild care foam (I've seen that their Marshmallow foam is pretty popular now)!!!
it's really wonderful (*_*)
so soft and... foamy xD !

see? doesn't fall lol 8D



after! happy skin :D !

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  1. To moja skóra jest worst ever :D Muszę się zainteresować tą pianką.