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Sunday, 25 September 2011
Hello there!
How have you been? (^_^) Fine I hope :D
I was pretty good last week, took some pics, did some shopping (everything is no brand x': ) and tried some new hairstyles lol
So.... pics time! Shall we start? :D

Skin care time!

Okay, it's not a secret I have a bad skin. Well, not REALLY bad (thank God! ) but it could be better. My skin has a weird combination (@_@); it's dry but it has acne problems lol
I've read a lot of good oppinions about La Roche Posay's Effeclar Duo cream so I decided to buy it. I can't really tell you about the results because I started using it yesterday xD so this cream for day use and Olay's complete for night. My skin needs a lot of moisturising!

Outfit no.1 and my tiny short pig tails lol

yes, no falsies >_>; I really don't like using them (;_;)' I know I SHOULD but I just don't like it ><

*thinking about how does it look like....*

oppinions please >< !
my parents like it lol x"D my mom said I look a 14 years old LOL

What I bought?

jeans, shoes and tights :"D

omg, I love them so much (;w;)
so comfy, so WARM and waterproof C: !

Outfit no.2

I know my legs are fat (-A-);
Lately I've gained weight, but I honestly don't know how (o_o);
I don't eat much, I do excersises and parapara...
Honestly, no idea (;___;)

no lashes again (>_>)'

Okay, because my thighs got so fucking fat like I've said before I decided to add this thing to my daily body care routine! "Slim extreme 3D - thermo fat burner", I hope this will help (T^T)

smells nice, gives you that nice warming effect... well, we will see (>_<)'

and now I'm sick hahahaha (-____-)" sucks so bad... especially because tomorrow.... AHHH, SHHH! it's a secret :33333 I'm not going to tell you now hihihi (^^)

going to take my medicine now and hoping it will help (^^);;;;
take care ne!


1 comment:

  1. Your hair looks cute like that, and I'm with you on that I don't like wearing false lashes either. I end up putting them on wrong, every time!

    My legs are the same! D: Let me know how well the cream works! Get better soon!! :D