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Sunday, 18 September 2011
Hello my Dears,

Lately I've been thinking pretty hard about my efforts to become a good gal. And well, the conclusion wasn't very satisfying...
Seems like a person like me, which is just a student, without parents throwing cash everywhere, living in a such country and looking like shit - can't become a gal. It's just impossible.
Believe me or not, but I was trying hard. Everyday looking for newest pics of gal fashion, checking the magazines and blogs.... and still NOTHING. it's pointless...
What I've noticed is the fact that if you're not cute hime-like follower of Popteen you won't even be noticed :7 I'm just fucking tired of people who "knows everything about gyaru" post to gyaru secrets about how other girls are "fat/bad at make up and coords/etc. etc." ... fuck you people, you were wailing that if you have piercing, tattoos and you're not asian YOU JUST CAN'T BE A GAL... seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?!
The sad thing is I'm starting to believe they're right... Nobody can just... I dunno... try? What about practicing..? I mean, look at the models for example. They're improving their style all the time, like all of us. It's hard to keep trying and failing every time.
I guess I've made my decision...

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  1. popieram cie w 100% !
    trzymam za ciebie kciuki mam nadzieje ze sie nie poddasz bo mi twoj styl sie bardzo podoba 1 :*