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Monday, 5 September 2011
another part of pictures :3 these are from last week! not many of them (u.u)'

got my order from Avon lol :"D
lovely sakura hair conditioner <3 and pomegranate eye gel :D

more miso! haha, had to buy some more!!!

my new tattoo! hihi, did it on thursday (^_^)/
almost the same as Kaoru-sama has!
my font is a bit different, otherwise the tattoo would be too big for my wrist haha~

new suitcase! I needed a new one, 'cause my old one got broken lately (u.u)'
it's bigger and I hope it will last longer than 2 years >A>;

new blouse, offbrand :3 I love that print!

I cut my bangs lol
how does it looks?

outfit from yesterday :D


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