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Tuesday, 3 May 2011
hello there~!

I'm very happy (finally, lol) 'causeeee I got my Dir en grey's ticket <3 ~!!!!

isn't it pretty? (*w*)
omg, I so love that ticket hahaha xD

anyways, more new things.
I ordered new circle lenses. two pairs actually. but not blue lol, this time I decided to take grey. maybe because my natural eye color is grey hmm... I hope they will blend well.
what's more, I also ordered a BB cream and can't wait to get it and try it!!!

yesterday I bought these:
1. make up brush for eyeshadow
2. essence's foundation in 06 natural beige
3. Ziaja's nuno cream for problematic skin
4. white kohl from essence
5. eyeshadow in "star dust" from my secret

most of these are for the fashion show lol.

I also had to get tan ne.
and guess what, for the first time in my life I DID! lol

I know it doesn't really look well, but trust me XD it;s a huge progress, normally mi skin would be the color of my socks lol
I still need to lose some weight and use bronzing balm (~_~);
only two weeks left...

okay, that's all for now :3



  1. kiedy jest koncert i gdzie ?

  2. no w krakowie, 20 sierpień :D

  3. też chcę na Diry (-,-)

  4. ja byłam na obydwu ich koncertach w polsce, teraz też muszę być xD

  5. w sumie racja, ja wciąż czekam na Gazetto ^^
    zrób Kyo ładne zdjęcie ; D

  6. ja mam ciuchutką nadzieję, że znowu uda mi się być gdzieś przy Kaoru-sama xP ale ćśśś hahah xD