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Sunday, 15 May 2011
haha, hello hello, just got back from my university lol, it's 1:24 at night right now XD

okay, the event went GREAT!
I had so much fun, really <3 ~!
I met lots of cool people, thank you so much ne!

I was taking part in the fashion show as manba gyaru :3
it was great, people really liked it and so many of them wanted to take a pic with me lol XD
even some Japanese ladies came to me, saying all the time "ahh, natsukashii! sugoi!" haha (^^)

and this is part of my make up stuff, of course not everything is there, some items were already in school, 'cause the rest of girls brought them :D

I had to get some tan too....
but uh, with my stupid white skin it was really hard....

I used a BOTTLE of self-tanning lotion, can you believe?! D:

but at the end it looked awesome. I'm gonna have lots of pics and maybe even movies so when I get them, I will probably post them (^^)v

ah, everything was so great <3
I can't wait for the next event like that <3 !!!!



  1. Ślicznie ci w tym makijażu!♡
    Niczym prawdziwa Japanese gal.

  2. dziękuję bardzo (^^) ~!