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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lately I've been missing some touch of rock in my coordinates...but I need to learn from the beginning haha XD it has to be rock but still gyaru.

and make up. I don't even remember when was the last time when I used grey eyeshadows (^^)'

meh, stupid phone. doesn't really show all the colors (-A-)'

anyways, I also made some small shopping.

1. Oxedermil
cream for flaky and callous skin with 30% urea, regeneration of dry skin

my skin is REALLY dry, especially on my legs. sometimes I even have weird dry spot... I'm using body lotion everyday and I have lotsss of them. But I couldn't find anything with more than 5% of urea >.<; and this one has 30% (*-*) !!!
I hope it will help my legs looking better :3

2. small scissors
I'm using them to trim my eyebrows lol

3. SLIM max tea
I guess you get the point XD

 My tattoo is in that phase of healing, that I really REALLYYYYYY hate (>_<)" it itches so bad D: I can't stand it (@_@); HEALLLL, YOU STUPID TATTOO! lol

and my baby eating broccoli <3
isn't he cute? my lovely Miku-kun <3

and now I'm waiting for Dir en grey *doki doki* !!!!!! This Saturday in Cracov <3 ~!!! wohoooo!!!! I'm excited XD like always before their concert :"D