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Sunday, 28 August 2011
Because there's a lot I'd like to write about, I will show everything in pictures instead :"D *lazy*
So, in last week I've:
- got my BB cream
- came back from Cracov
- dyed hair black
- started a diet

let's start!

my bb cream! Lioele's Beyond the solution! it's a really good bb cream O: ! you can find on Asian Store 
I used to use a foundation + three (!!!) concealers... with this cream, you can totally throw out all your concealers! no lying! this bb cream is great (*-*) ! it has only one shade but it's good even if you're MEGA pale! wow, I was shocked it was so good haha XD my best buy!

see? it covers everything! and it's so light, you don't feel any make  up on your face!

hehe, random pic of my baby! love you Miku ♥

let's start my diet! in some of beauty magazines I collect, I found an article about a diet. you have be on a diet every second day actually xD which is a lot easier than with a normal diet! wohoo! besides, it helps you stay healthy and keeps your organism "younger" ! So I decided to buy something to eat for my "down days" lol. I got two gerber's meals for babies (lololol) and a pack of 4 miso soup☆

What I can say? hmmm... DON'T BUY MEALS FOR BABIES! THEY'RE AWFUL, YUCK, SERIOUSLY D: ! but the desserts are GREAT (*≧▽≦) ~!!!!! honestly, yummy and very fruity! besides, NO SUGAR! only natural fructoise (or however it's spelled _._' ) ! YUMMM! they could be cheaper tho xD

my boo XD he's the only man who can get under my shirt LOL

ahhh, my miso! I love it so bad (T^T)~☆
it tastes SO good! GIMMIE MORE!

omelette :D my speciality hahaha~!
lots of fresh vegetabled, peperoni and melted cheese (*-*)'

oh, another thing I bought!
Aqua Slim is a suplement, it helps you with your diet. just pour one package into the water and drink it during the day. I wanted to try it (@.@)'

YUCK! fucking sweet D'X ! it's because of the fructoise but still... ughhhh...


and me in my tour t-shirt :"D i asked the seller for the smallet size and I got L (-_-)' srsly, wtf....

anyways, how do I look like with black hair (o.O) ? seriously, I can't get used to it hahaha, last time when I had black hair was like... about.... 1,5 year ago (o.O)' last winter anyways lol

love love love

Miru ☆


  1. gdzie znalazlas ta diete ? xD tez chce..

  2. też uwielbiam misooo, więc ta dieta była by idealna dla mnie ^O^ możesz coś więcej o niej napisać?
    no a Miku jest prze słodki ^O^ !

  3. Jak sprawuje sie krem BB ? Również chce zamówić, ale tata jest przeciwny, że wyślą mi w tubce jakieś chemikalia. Skąd zamawiałaś ?