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Monday, 8 August 2011

Last Saturday was Yellow Fried Chickenz live in Warsaw <3 ! So great, really!!!! I went out of the club really touched and happy :D ! and also, full of energy! It was great to see Gackt-sama after so many years of listening to his music!

Too bad they didn't play more of his older songs (;_;) I wish I could hear Oasis, Redemption and Last Song live too. BUT! they've played VANILLA!!! WOHOOO XD


At the concert some guy was staring at me all the time (o.ó)' weird... and then he said to me (in polish x: )
he: excuse me, are you Polish?
me: erm, yes. why? (o.o)"
he: I was thinking about talking with in english, 'cause I thought you're Japanese and came here with the band (LOL I WISHHH XD !!!!! )
me: no, I'm 100% Polish ^^;;;;
he: not even Vietnamese?
me: no -_-' polish...
he: btw, my name is xxxxx ( XD ) and I'm here with my daughter.
(he was like about 40 x: he called his daughter and started asking me if I could teach his daughter japanese x.x' )
he: your face features are really oriental, you know? btw, I'm not trying anything with you but can I have your phone number?
me: *dead* erm, I'm sorry mister but I don't even know you.

daaamn, thanks God I run from him (@_@); weird guy...
but oh well, the concert rewarded me everything <3

it was the only pic I could take before the security started walking around and telling people they will take their phones if they start recording or taking pics >.< buhuuu, such a bad quality (T_T)

me after the concert :D