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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hello~! how are you doing? :D
Today at my communication class our teacher said that we have a new ambasador of Japan and he's gonna visit us... in a few minutes! we went all stressed (@_@); can you believe in that? meh... well, it's kinda normal for my school 'cause we work with the embassy of Japan in Poland from the very beginning so every new ambasador comes and pays us a visit. he was speaking to us in keigo <3 very formal and very nice japanese! also, Taishi was really nice and communicative (and his kabanmochi guy was really cute :"D ! ) and at the end our sensei was glad that we were so friendly but still formal (^^)v

next thing.... SATURDAY. ugh, because polish "shisha no hi" is coming (święto zmarłych, zaduszki... erm, sorta like halloween but... ugh, just read that XD )... well, my friend told me that our school is gonna make a Halloween party for the students and she made me stay (even tho we have like a few days off and I was about to go home earlier ne... now I'm gonna be at home on Sunday x: ). I was all happy and started on planning everything, my costume and hair etc. etc... and now today our sensei said that on THE SAME SATURDAY 40 high school students from Kobe (if I remember well, if it's not Kobe - I'm sorry for a mistake D: ) will come to Poland and she wants some people to be their guides and just spend some time with them. we could practice our japanese and what's more - watch them (LOL, sounds scary ne XDDD ), how do they speak, how do they act and all the culture stuff for our communication classes. so hmmm... now I have totally no idea what to do (T_T); on one hand I would like to go for a party and on the other hand I wouldn't mind to meet with the students and just spend some time with them and the rest of my friends.

WHAT TO DOOOO (;;____;;) ?



  1. Możesz na próbę kupić...choć nie powiem, dobry jest, ale przy łzawieniu oka potrafi nie trzymać w zewnętrznym kąciku. Jakbyś kupiła 2 kleje to masz 14g i wychodzi taniej niż Duo.

  2. wOw ;O It's a real dilemma! I dunno what advice I can give you. I'd probably go to the party.
    Talking to people in their first language (especially when it's not your first ^_^') is a massive problem for me. It'd be very stressful for me, especially if they won't understend me or if I would make a gaffe and everybody would laugh at me... O.O it's not very nice ne... Do you have similar problems/feelings? (・_・?)

  3. if I go for this meeting, I'm 100% sure that I will be very stressed and nervous about my japanese haha (^^); but it's a really good chance to practice o: so I feel totally teared apart lol I'm always scared I will make a stupid mistake (cultural or language one) and people will stare at me not knowing what to do or just laugh at me XD so I understand your feelings (^^V) ! but well, we won't get perfect at anything if we don't practice ne :3

  4. take them with you to the paaaarty :P

  5. niestety nie da rady xD choćby dlatego, że są niepełnoletni lol