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Friday, 28 October 2011

Last time I was writing about this Saturday and all the choices ne. So today after talking with friends, I decided to go on this Halloween party (^^)V I hope I will have lots of fun O: !

 What's more, I'm going to be manba/banba (I don't know which one yet xD ) gyaru! I totally love this style but well, outside Japan it's quite.... HARD to walk like that on the streets XD so the last Night of museums event (post from May if I remember well o.O; ) inspired me to try this more often! but this time, I want it to look better ><; tomorrow I will (HOPEFULLY!) buy a wig I've found on the internet so my whole outfit would be complete <3

new stuffs I got for tomorrow's party :D !

HUGE RIBBON! yellow <3
white concealer (LOL, it's color and consistence it's like a normal's lipstick, dunno who uses that as a concealer o_O; ) from Golden Rose and Manhattan's foundation in 26 Bronze <3
LEGWARMERS <3333 asvhdsvdasdv I love them XD
and this... bun-sponge thingy... it's not for tomorrow, I wanted it in general :"D it's brown but in a such light you can't really see it ~~"

so for now, you can stop reading here or check my stupid picspam :"D

uhuhuh, apple looking like a strawberry :D !

my legs... too pale for manba/banba now :7 gonna use lots of self tanning spray and lotion today....

YUMMY CIGS! omg, they're quite expensive but for this ONE time I decided to buy them... so fucking good (T^T) WHY U SO EXPENSIVE?!

my latest make up. I still suck at doing tare-me :7

stupid face

so, that would be all for now (^___^)



  1. Oh sounds like you'll be having lots of fun!

    Your hair up in pigtails is MEGA adorable!!

  2. Kocham ocieplacze na nogi ;)
    Kurczę, nie zawsze chce mi się czytać cały post, bo masz po angielsku (my bad english :P), a tłumacz google tłumaczy po chu** tragicznie;/

  3. @Picasso Esque
    THANK YOU! I hope I will (^_^)v and thanks so much for the compliment hehe <3

    haha, spoko, rozumiem XD postaram się też pisać po polsku o ile nie zapomnę (^^);

  4. z "dziwnych" i niestety trochę drogich fajek serdecznie polecam pink elephant'y :))
    btw.. fajne ocieplacze :)) sama na takie poluję :)

  5. hehe, próbowałam raz XD brak im mentolu jak dla mnie hahaha xD

    a takie legwarmersy to w Butiku są za 40zł :D