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Friday, 21 October 2011

it's just a short post about falsies :D ~!
below is my lash wishlist, lol. I wish I could have all of them (*___*)
damnnn, I'm still searching for perfect lashes... but why they're so expensive (;_;)'

anyways, look XD

click to make it large :D

what do you think? maybe you know where I can find cheaper lashes with the same design (o3o)?


  1. Ah, I wish i could help, but I don't think I would be much help to you... I buy all my false lashes off ebay for really cheap (about $1.50 for upper, $2.50 for lower)and they have a lot of styles, and you can always make your own lashes out of the different styles too...



    If this helps at all, then I'm glad, and if not, that's okay too. :)

  2. thanks (^^) ~! mine are from ebay too XD from these top lashes I have no.008 and 022 ;D I've never tried lower lashes (@@); I'm a bit scary it won't look good on me XD but Imight try one day haha :3

  3. Napisz mi kochana w jaki sposób kupować na ebayu bez rejestracji...jestem w tym zielona:/

  4. bez rejestracji to się chyba nie da... bo płacisz przez paypal więc muszą zarejestrować Twoją kartę płatniczą :c

  5. To dupnie z tym...Co do rzęs to lubię te z mocno jakby posklejanymi (jakby kępki). Ja mmiałam na zdjęciu kaszubskie wzory:) Obcinano mnie za 2 albo 5 zł:P

  6. I haven't tried lower lashes either for the same exact reason... I think I'm going to be buying some soon so I can try though. They might look good, or bad but I'll never know unless I try. (^^)

  7. true (^^)~! I really like the lashes you showed me but they don't ship to Poland :C I've found some sellers who do that, but well... their lashes are a bit more expensive :C and I don't want to pay more for bottom lashes than for the upper ones xD ! aghhh XD

  8. I am the same way. I don't understand why the bottom are so much more expensive. Are they made differently or something? I'm not sure, but it seems to be that way. :( Sorry that they do not ship to Poland, I didn't think to check! (TAT)

  9. yeah >< no idea why :C and don't worry haha (^^)v

  10. Mam Royal z allegro. Cena 9-10zł za 7g.