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Sunday, 5 February 2012
I mean my internet of course *sighs* I will post something here lol. honestly, I've had sooooo many problems with all the electronic stuff lately...
first: I bought this usb modem for mobile internet. everything seemed to be fine and stuff, but somehow the program on it didn't work on my laptop (I used to have windows vista btw)
so I was running from one salon to another and they said everything is fine and my laptop is probably broken etc. I was like WTF, NO DAMN WAY D: ! all the usb ports (my lappy has 4 of them 8> ) are working, my laptop is working too! there must be something wrong with the modem for sure D: !
okay... so I texted all of my friends who have at least a small idea about advanced IT stuff and one of them said "we should reinstall your system, that should do. bring your laptop tomorrow to school" , YEAH! so the next day of course I was damn happy and I went to school. we wanted to reboot the system etc. etc. and install windows XP or win7 instead vista. but haha... my laptop couldn't read the CD with system installation (o_O); lulz... what to dooo, what to do... another CD, still nothing! DVD version? NOOOO, STILL NOTHING! (;_;) we got a bit frustrated... but I said HEY, WE'RE IN THE SCHOOL OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES! LET'S GO TO THE BSS ROOM (that's where our IT guys work creating our school's web site and all that stuff ~~" ) and he said that I'm right and because I'm a student of that school I'll get an original windows for free ( XD !! lol, but my vista was original too btw D: ! ). so I went there because I'm a girl (lol, my friend said I should use my "girl's charm" lololol wtf XD like if I had it! ). they asked me what's wrong and I told them blah blah blah~ they said okaaay, we will take your laptop, go now and we will call you when it's done. of course I was super happy! they will check what's wrong and install all the things my baby needs and EVERYTHING FOR FREE 8D holy shit! so happy lol
so I called Królik (=Rabbit lol XD ) to arrive to my new place, I will make something to eat, we will go then to the shopping mall and they will call me in the meanwhile 8) yaaaay~
btw, this guy told me they work 'til 6.30pm this day. but hmmm... at 6pm still no phone. did they forget about me D: ?! so I will go there and say HELLO, I'M WAITING HERE! oke oke, we went to school and this guy said that the main problem of this laptop is VISTA (LOOOL, COULD YOU TELL? they said vista would break my laptop up like totally, but thank god it's ASUS = good firm). they reinstalled my system to win7, found a few troyans (how did they got here?!) and they're copying my files so I won't lose any data 8D
okay, my laptop story ends here lol XD
hm, so about the internet... seems like the modem is really fine, the only problem is... connection with this mobile company's aerial 8))) lol. another surprise! I ordered this inner-aerial for my usb modem and I hope it will arrive SOON and make this thing WORK FOR REAL!

laptop - done
internet modem - (hopefully....) done

oh, yeah. my mobile 8D !
I own a Samsung galaxy Spica I5700 and I really like it. from some time I couldn't connect with my school's wifi station tho. or any internet connection in general. and because I'm in the middle of my exam session I really NEEDED to download a .pdf reader, guess why 83 on my SUPER FAST internet I fouuund an article about reinstalling the android system on my mobile. I had to download a tiny program (which took me the whole day... ) and just save it on my SD card and then put it back inside my phone. okay, I did it. and it worked! actually - even better! it automatically connected to my mobile company's aerial and downloaded the update <3

so, that would be all about my problems with all those things which seem to hate me atm :'D I have to learn for the rest of my exams and I totally don't feel like it (._.)' I want to go out (even tho there's like -billion'C outside... ), eat something sweet, eat a pizza/mcdonald's/whatever (yeah, I should be on a diet. but nothing works -A-; it's probably my hormones haha... ;-; ) and think about gyaru stuff only xP

oh, btw, I've actually planned a few posts I'm going to write :D ! but I won't tell you now (^.^)

anyways, let's hope that internet will work normally for me because I had to spend a week without... everything. no internet access, no TV here... I felt like ughh... @_@; and I had to live like that for a week (T_T)

okay okay, that's really all for now <3